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Jun 25, 2013 09:12 AM

Qatar airport?

I'm posting this on behalf of my son, who will be flying Qatar Airlines (I think it was the least expensive option:-) from Barcelona to Tokyo later this week. He is faced with the less than thrilling option of a seven hour layover at Doha Airport and doesn't feel that leaving the premises is in the cards. A friend of his is a flight attendant for that airline, and she says the food choices are rather slim.....and a search of the website shows a food court and not much else. Anyone ever been there??? Any chance of a good meal?? He also wants to know if anyone will hassle him if he brings food into the airport, and specifically pork....(It seems the boy has developed a taste for Serrano jamon while in BCN and would like to take a last few sandwiches....:-)

Any other suggestions for shops and/or diversions there? The website shows a spa and other amenities but it appears they are only for the folks in the front of the aircraft...:-)

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  1. I think there was a McDonald's in te Doha airport. Not much else. For what it is worth, Qatar Airlines is very nice.

    1. For a 7 hour layover he may be better off paying 20$ for the lounge. Its more comfortable and although food choices are limited they do provide a selection of choices

      1. Doha airport is dire, overcrowded and with few eating facilities (3 fast food counters and a decent Costa coffee) . Things should improve when the new airport opens perhaps by the end of this year.
        Options are:
        1- Use the large lounge shared by various airlines but it is $40. Worth it just for the comfortable space and some decent savoury snacks, cakes, fruit + drinks. QAirways have their own Business Class Terminal building adjoining the airport terminal but this is for bone-fide business class travellers. They also have a small lounge inside the airport, but I understand that this is very small and with few amenities.
        2- Bring some food, although pork is not allowed. All hand luggage will be x-rayed at security, even transit passengers. However jamon should not get picked up by the machines, and at worse case say it is beef.

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          lol....this trip is long over and he survived...largely on free Wi-Fi and the contraband sandwiches....:-)