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Jul 29, 2003 03:19 PM

Austin Bound

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The best (most interesting or exciting) place to eat in Austin? Price is no object, but I am not looking for the most expensive place in town. Thx, Bart

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  1. You can always go to Dirty Martin's Kumback Burgers. It's located just north of UT on Guadalupe. Very cheap and very tasty burgers.
    On the other hand, Wink, is a fabulous little place. Great food, wine and service. They are located in Central Austin at 10th at N. Lamar.


    1. j
      John Morthland

      I'd vote for Fonda San Miguel, still probably the best interior Mexican restaurant outside of Mexico, and Hudson's on the Bend for amazing game and southwestern. Lambert's for modern American cuisine that is not inexpensive but should cost more than it does. Las Manitas still serves my alltime favorite breakfasts. BBQ from Kreuz in Lockhart or City Market in Luling.

      1. I agree with most of these guys' suggestions. However, Lambert's is neither interesting nor exciting, it's decent, but that's it.

        Also, Dirty's is not too hot.

        See my response to the sushi thread below for interesting and exciting dining (DK Sushi on Monday nights).

        I would have to say...the #1 restaurant in Austin is Fonda San Miguel. The food and atmosphere are both incredible.

        Hmmm...what else...maybe John Mueller's BBQ if you're limiting yourself to Austin. It's awesome (don't listen to the naysayers...there's a conspiracy against this place on this board).


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        1. re: Bob

          Are you kidding me? The BBQ is the most inconsistant anywhere in town and he frequently is out of food by early afternoon. On top of that, the meat cutting guy gave me an attitude because I only was buying some vegetables to go. What a jerk.

          1. re: Sue Dawson

            The "meat-cutting guy" is John Mueller. He's basically Austin's version of the soup nazi, but not so strict. He's actually a pretty funny guy. For instance, my buddy always ordershis brisket from the brick (a/k/a the burnt ends (like what they give you to taste as you wait in line)). John always refuses and says...louder..."lean or fatty?" But, my buddy persists. Last Friday, John said, "I give up. I don't have it in me today," and served my buddy all burnt ends, throwing in some free meat for good measure.

            And, I beg to differ about your consistency comments. I've been there almost every week since they opened (maybe 2 years ago???). At first, there were some consistency issues. They have been resolved. There simply is no better BBQ in Austin. Perhaps that's why it sells out early and has lined out the door. It's not because it's on an Interstate Hwy or other busy thoroughfare(like Rudy's).

            1. re: Bob

              thank you, you get it. i love my customers but love to give them a hard time even more. thanks for your support.
              John Mueller aka austin soup nazi.

          2. re: Bob

            I have to say, I keep hearing how great Fonda San Miguel is, but the one meal I had there was so disappointing, I'm not sure I would ever go back. I had the crab meat enchiladas and they were simply dreadful.

          3. I agree completely re: Fonda San Miguel and Las Manitas. I ate at Vespaio last Friday evening and the Italian food was super. Still think Jeffrey's is a must if you seldom get to Austin

            1. Fonda San Miguel is very good, but there are other options. Manuel's on Congress still serves great margs and food and its much closer to the downtown scene if you are going out later.

              I went to a new place a couple of years back called the Starlite Lounge (Grill?) off of Guadalupe. It was very good, and I'd go back.

              Additionally, I would recommend East Side Cafe on Manor for lunch or dinner. Very Austin restaurant in a house with a large garden in back.

              Ruby's Barbecue serves steriod free meat and chicken. I like their barbecue quite well, and I cannot think of any other bbq place that can match their sides.