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Jun 25, 2013 08:42 AM

A baking (or cooking) competition question based on American Baking Company

I'm sure many of you have competed in things like the Pillsbury cook offs, etc. I was reading a lot of background material on the Baking Company TV show, mostly from the British version. The contestant said they did provide their recipes ahead of time for everything other than the technical cooks which makes sense. But it also said the recipes had to be their "original recipes."
And here is my question. I recognized many of the recipes that were used on the TV show as normal stuff we'd cook out of community cookbooks, etc. How does the recipe become "original enough" to be an original recipe? Especially in baking? Do you just add nuts? or flavoring? I mean, who hasn't seen a cola cake? I'm not trying to disparage any contestant in any show, I'm just curious how do you make these recipes "original" enough that they work for a show where they obvious want the recipes to use later for a cookbook if you win?

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  1. A similar thread here:
    Personally, if I can point to a recipe I altered, I'll reference that and note my changes, if I haven't been looking at any recipes, then I claim it as my own, but as the thread shows, everyone's got different cutoff points.

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