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ISO Qingdao-style cold sesame noodles (shou gan liang ban mian)

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Trying to find Qingdao-style cold sesame noodles (shou gan liang ban mian–Lau's translation) like Yipin in Flushing (now closed) used to make. Handmade whole wheat noodles topped with julienned cucumbers and a thick, spicy sesame sauce (photo credits to Dave Cook).

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  1. Lu Xiang Yuan in Flushing made them for me, but I don't see them on the menu.

    1. Those do look good; I'd forgotten all about them. In sweltering weather I'd especially appreciate hearing of any venue that serves them with lots and lots of cucumber.

      Dave Cook

      1. That's not a Xi'an specialty?

        Wherever it's from, it is a good warm weather meal.


        1. shou gong = hand made, liang ban = basically means cold, mian = noodles

          so that name is just a fairly generic way of just saying handmade cold noodles. this is a northern dish, but im not sure whether it is a qingdao dish specifically?

          maybe ScoopG might know who makes this? (i dont know the northern places nearly as well as he does)

          1. Sheng Wang in Chinatown.

            1. Tried the version at Sheng Wang on ipsdixit's recommendation. They're listed as Cold Sesame Hand-Pulled Noodles on the menu (#31–see photo for Chinese). Slightly warm hand-pulled noodles in a very thin sauce, served with bok choy. They're ok, but not worth seeking out.