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Jun 25, 2013 08:35 AM

ISO Qingdao-style cold sesame noodles (shou gan liang ban mian)

Trying to find Qingdao-style cold sesame noodles (shou gan liang ban mian–Lau's translation) like Yipin in Flushing (now closed) used to make. Handmade whole wheat noodles topped with julienned cucumbers and a thick, spicy sesame sauce (photo credits to Dave Cook).

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  1. Lu Xiang Yuan in Flushing made them for me, but I don't see them on the menu.

    1. Those do look good; I'd forgotten all about them. In sweltering weather I'd especially appreciate hearing of any venue that serves them with lots and lots of cucumber.

      Dave Cook

      1. That's not a Xi'an specialty?

        Wherever it's from, it is a good warm weather meal.


        1. shou gong = hand made, liang ban = basically means cold, mian = noodles

          so that name is just a fairly generic way of just saying handmade cold noodles. this is a northern dish, but im not sure whether it is a qingdao dish specifically?

          maybe ScoopG might know who makes this? (i dont know the northern places nearly as well as he does)

          1. Sheng Wang in Chinatown.