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Jun 25, 2013 07:51 AM

Moving to the Berkshires- ISO Best Farmers Market and more

We are moving to the Lee-Lenox area. As visitors to Tanglewood over the years we have eaten out, mostly breakfasts and lunches, and shopped for wine and cheese in the area but now we are moving there permanently we are ISO Farmers Markets and the local vendors that sell to the public. We are especially interested in eggs, cheese, meat and bread and Farmers Markets that are worth the drive. There are so many of them! Organic is good but local is what we really want.
We also just discovered Guido's in Pittsfield. Is it worth the extra $$?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

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    This map falls a bit short of your area but if you are willing to drive east a bit there are some good choices for you

    1. Guido's is not necessarily the best. The supermarkets' organics are growing. Lenox has a Farmer's Market on Fridays at Shake and Co. Pittsfield has a farmers market on saturdays(not sure where) that is pretty good. Then there are farmstands like Overmeade Gardens on East st in Lenox. The Meat Market in Gt Barrington does a fine job of locally sourced meats albeit they are quite expensive.

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        I think Guido's is well worth it especially for fish and meat.

      2. Guido's has my favorite bread - Rock Hill Sourdough. It comes in 2x/week, and does run out. If you call they'll hold one at the deli.
        For cheese, eggs and some meats we love Cricket Creek Farm store in Williamstown (by 5 corners). They also sell their cheese at many farmers markets.

        1. Pittsfield Rye Bakery is up on the hill behind Guido's in Pittsfield. They're wholesale suppliers but Fri and Sat mornings from ?? until 1 pm you can buy direct from the bakery. Their "Farmer's Market" bread is over the top, the best! Their rye is excellent also. But try for yourself, they have samples.
          Their bread also used to be available at some of the farmers' markets.

          1. Guido's I agree the produce is sometimes not that different from what you would get at the supermarket. But, the meat dept. is very good and they tend to have what you need if looking for a more obscure ingredient.

            Taft farm market in Great Barrington may also be worth checking out, they sell produce some of their own or form other local places, and also have pies, sandwiches, etc.

            Also nearby for bread is Berkshire Mountain Bakery in Housatonic.