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Jun 25, 2013 07:49 AM

Exquisite Express/Delight -- Flatbush

For whatever reason, on Saturday I woke up wanting jerk chicken. So I read Sietsema's recent VV piece on jerk chicken places in Flatbush (, cross-referenced with Yelp, and it was off to Exquisite Express (listed on Yelp as Exquisite Delight).

The chicken was GREAT. We got small orders of BBQ and Jerk Chicken and liberally doused them with the sauces on the counter. It's primarily a take-out place with a massive flame-fired grill in the front and a steam table with sides behind the counter. We got some forgettable vegetables to make ourselves feel better, but all the sides looked pretty meh.

We sat at 2 of the 3 stools and took down the chicken like we'd been starving at sea. Very good. Place was crowded even at 3PM. Will happily return.

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