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Jun 25, 2013 07:44 AM

fine dining for around $250 pp?

We are going with friends again last year and the folks on Chowhound were really helpful in suggesting Sage. We also love Le Cirque last time. Our splurge meal is about $250 pp (maybe a bit higher) and we will try most anything. It is our friends 20th anniversary, so atmosphere is important. We would appreciate your suggestions again. Thanks.

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  1. Go for Jose Andres' e, inside Jaleo at Cosmo.

    Only eight diners per seating and 24 tastings of a modern take on tapas. It's special in many ways and very fitting for an anniversary. Make sure to mention the anniversary when you reserve. Reservations are done through email only and start two months prior to your date.

    Last I heard it was $195. After tax and tip, that's exactly $250. The problem is that doesn't include drinks. Drink pairing would cost you at least another $125 per person, so that might make this idea not so great. I think the experience is worth it to skip the wine pairing in order to get this meal at your budget.

    Alternatively, you could have your friends split a wine pairing or even a non-alcoholic pairing (which I think is more fun anyway). The non-alcoholic pairing is $60-$70ish.

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      My husband and I would love to go there. In fact, we booked it last time, but cancelled. I think it might be a bit too pricey for our group, as we like a cocktail before dinner and wine. We did eat at Jaleo that trip and loved it. Any thoughts on Alize?