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Jun 25, 2013 07:29 AM

Dining in Brewster MA besides Oceans Edge

Dear All Hounds,

I am staying at Oceans Edge for 3 nights next week. Besides dining on the resort which I assume would be good. What are the other suggestions within a 20 minute drive? More on the upscale end. Any type of food.

Thank you

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  1. 20 minutes from Oceans Edge gives you some good options.
    In Brewster is the Brewster Fish House, doing fine things with great seafood, and non-seafood dishes. It's small and doesn't take reservations, so go early or prepare to wait for a table. The Bramble Inn is upscale New England B&B with fine dining, a bit more traditional in approach.

    In Orleans, the Nauset Beach Club is wonderful, Northern Italian in outlook, generally a favorite with us of all Cape dining. Abba is cool and refined, with an Israeli chef who also does some very good Thai as well as Mediterranean cooking, and great desserts.

    In Dennis Village, Fin is excellent seafood, the former chef from Brewster Fish House and her acquaculturalist husband do great dinners in a space that can be a little noisy, depending on where you are seated.

    Lots of other choices, but for three days these should be worth checking out. Enjoy!

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    1. re: Dan D

      Has Abba reopened from their winter close? We went by last week and it didn't look open.

      1. I have stayed at Ocean's Edge resort and make sure your on the cape side by the clubhouse vs across the street on the golf course side..

        Concur about Brewster Fish house is great and we went to Cobie's or JT's..can't remember which one...for clams..
        We don't get clams like you do on the so good!

        1. One never hears any superlatives regarding the food at Ocean Edge so I would venture off property as often as you can. Brewster Fish House, NausetBeach Club, and Fin are great recs. I'd also expand your 20 minute limit just a tad and add Ocean House and 28 Atlantic. Skip JTs, it's pretty lousy these days. Cobies is a cool roadside clam shack.

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          1. re: CapeCodGuy

            Not a fan of Bramble..used to years back. Found the small dining room too loud (several rooms available) and the hostess ruined our night so I have a personal boycott...the food is outstanding..

          2. My husband and I stayed at Ocean's Edge (the condo side) a few years ago, and we had one of the finest dinners we've ever had at Chillingsworth, just down the road from OE. I can't remember the actual food we ate (two children have obliterated my memory), but it was the unique atmosphere and warm, friendly, completely unpretentious service that made a very favorable impression. It was like eating in a sprawling country home with tasteful tchotchkes all around. There's a casual bistro-style part of the building, but we ate in the fine dining part, which offers 3+ courses for a certain price depending on the entree you choose. I also second the Brewster Fish House rec. Enjoy your stay!


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            1. re: njpm

              Hate to be a Debbie Downer but the chance of having an unpleasant experience at Chillingworth far outweighs the possibility of having a pleasurable meal. Unfortunately, their heyday was over 30 years ago.

              1. re: CapeCodGuy

                I guess we were just lucky then because we really had a great evening...and I take my dining out seriously. However, I also admit that having an opportunity to be away from my young children for a couple of days may have also caused me to put my rose-colored glasses on.

                I'm curious, though: does the bad reputation include the food and the service, or just one or the other? I recall being nervous about a stuffy, pretentious atmosphere but didn't get that at all.

                1. re: njpm

                  I dined at C'Worth last year. I am pretty much a food snob loving hole in the walls to fine dining. I am a resident of Cape Cod. I don't know any residents who dine there in fact, on our visit, the entire parking lot was out of state guests. The hostess was not accommodating, the food was pretty ok but nothing memorable (in fact I cannot recall what I ate) and the place was shabby run down, IMHO. I would not go back.

                  1. re: phelana

                    Wow-I guess not being a "food snob" or a resident of Cape Cod really clouded my judgment. I stand by my experience, but there are apparently better choices in or near Brewster. Good to know.

                    1. re: njpm

                      Everybody can have different experiences, good and bad, but my family has visited that part of the Cape for many years. Those who have tried Chillingsworth during the last fifteen years or so have been disappointed, and only return because they wanted to get an update, as many restaurants go through up and down periods over the years. Unfortunately, our extended family has had only negative experiences and are unlikely to return. You may have been more fortunate. I've been disappointed by some highly touted restaurants before, and delighted by some that do not have a favorable reputation - our own little hidden gems.

                  2. re: njpm

                    The bad reputation, unfortunately, relates to all aspects of the restaurant. The food, service and worn out surroundings all bely the feeling of a place resting on a long past reputation. Glad to hear your experience was otherwise, but not many walk away with the same feelings.