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Ground chicken

Is there anywhere around Boston that sells ground dark meat chicken, or should I just grind it myself. If I do, should I use skinless thighs or skin on and grind grind it along with the meat

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  1. I would use skinless thighs. Also to, par freeze the chicken, you get a better grind that way...I usually dice it up (large chunks, like 1 inch by 1 inch or a little bigger), bump it in the freezer for 15 to 20 minutes, then grind it in my kitchenAid. Hope that helps!

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      Thanks. I have a Kitchen Aid and the par freeze tip is great. I wouldnt have thought of it

    2. Its inconsistent, but I've found ground thigh at WF's with bigger meat counters.. I think the one in Woburn often has it, but Medford doesn't.. not sure of others..

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        I've seen it at Fresh Pond but not consistently.

      2. Yes, I'd definitely DIY! Quick and totally worth the freshness/quality control factor! The 1" chunks will give you a nice textured result, rather than a paste-like mess.

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          The par-freeze also helps keep it from homogenizing into paste as well

        2. Whole Foods, River St. Cambridge has it, but I usually buy my own dark meat and grind it myself.

          1. Personally I do not like "ground chicken" they are too dirty especially if under a brick. I much prefer them whole or freshly cut up at home. Even chickens themselves don't like ground chicken except when they free range and scratch, and that's why otherwise they perch. And yes we do have our own chickens so that's how I know this.

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              I've read this comment a dozen times and I'm still baffled.

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                  Yes I was jesting and talking "ground chicken" literally, not as in the chopped up kind. Sorry if I befuddled you.

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                      Finally, somebody more obtuse than I. At least this time. :-)

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                        Obtuse? I don't recall being called that before but some of my recipes are, purposely.

                        I thought it would be obvious that I was commenting on ground chickens vs the ones off the ground. Merci and voila, the race goes on. Must keep an eye out for foxes or risk losing our girls, or keep them locked up. They don't like that. Free eggs!

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                          I got it, but then my brain obviously processes info in the general manner yours does. :-)

            2. Mayflower Poultry in Cambridge will grind what you want and have it ready for you to pick up. Just tell them the blend you want. They will even run it out to your car if you can't find parking. Fabulous service.


              If anyone does a lot of grinding or would like to make their own sausage, I have the smallest LEM grinder. It gobbles up boneless chicken thighs whole and spits them out in a nice grind without pre-freezing. (I prefer a course grind.) And, it does a great job making sausage.


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                Is that the #8 countertop model? http://www.lemproducts.com/product/42...

                Jenny Ondioline has yearned for a quality meat grinder since the attachment for our KitchenAid mixer broke.

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                  That's the one. I use a combo of that at home and Mayflower for heavy duty grinding. (Chicken frames for my dog's food. They do their grinding for those of us who order ground bone once a week on Friday mornings.)

                  They have been totally reliable. I just call in my order and it's ready when I arrive. I have had their chicken, super jumbo eggs, organ meat, rabbit, duck, and I think I'm going to get some goat next time.

                  Be sure to check their weekly specials.

              2. I sometimes get this at Whole Foods but hit or miss if they have it.

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                  I saw both white and dark ground chicken at the River St Whole Foods yesterday.

                2. One thing I have found to look out for is chicken that is pumped with solution (up to 12% total weight or so) as it can result in a wet grind. A few extra cents a LB for low moisture chicken if you can find it gives a much nicer grind with a stronger chicken flavor.

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                    THAT is gospel right there Tom34

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                      Yeah, I think it makes a big difference. Now days though I think more is pumped than not.