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Jun 25, 2013 05:49 AM

New to Bradenton

I'm curious about Village Idiot Pizzaria and Ezra's..are they worth a visit?

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  1. Welcome to Bradenton. We think that Danny's Pizza is the closest we have to NY As far as Ezra is concerned, that is our favorite restaurant in town. The staff is wonderful and the food is excellent.

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    1. re: gorini

      Thanks so much! I haven't heard of Danny's Pizza, but will definitely check it out.Any other recs?

      1. re: gorini

        Wow, went to Danny's Pizza tonight...AMAZING Ceasar salad and pizza! Thanks for the recommendation. Never would have stopped there,if you hadn't told me. With a name like "Danny's"' it's not an Italian name like Vito's or Angelo's..who would have guessed. We decided to go early next time or sit outside, because of tight quarters. Wll definitely go again!

      2. You will want to explore the Village of Cortez, a nautical fishing hamlet within Bradenton. Star Fish has a retail store and a dockside restaurant for the freshest fish in the area. A.P. Bell next door (same family) sells whole fish and stone crabs when in season.
        What are your food preferences? I'm from CT and I think FL pizza sucks and I gave up on it.

        1. Village Idiot Pizza, is a very amall place, maybe 3 tables and a wood burning oven that is also very small, BUT, the pizza is very good!!!

          Veggo, Frank Pepe's, (New Haven), it is not!!!

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            Osprey, it cost me a king's ransom in travel to eat a Pepe's white clam pie last week in New Haven, but it was GOOOOD...:)
            Il Panifico in Sarasota is pretty good, but Wooster St. in New Haven is sine qua non.