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Jun 25, 2013 05:36 AM

Little Prince

While walking around the village and SoHo trying to find a French place to eat. Chez jacqueline was all booked, so walked toward SoHo and tried Raoul's. Raoul's had a 2 hour wait. How crazy! I really wanted foie gras. I almost went further downtown to Cercle Rouge , who has excellent foie gras, but felt it was too far.
I noticed a little place across from Raoul's on Prince St. It wasn't full and the menu was French. The name was The Little Prince. I thought it was a good name, both because it was on Prince St. also because it is named after one of the greatest books of all time. The restaurant presents the menu in a copy of "the Little Prince" by St Exupery.
They had a nice table available outside. It was in its own private area by the flower pot, on a little terrace-like location.
Unfortunately they didn't serve foie gras However, they did have beef tartare, which was nice treat. The taste was very good. The meat quality was also very good. I do wish they had added onion or shallots to the mix, as that is usually the way I've eaten it. It was a good dish and is offered in either appetizer or main course sizes.
As a starter, I also had Vichyssoiisse, which was delightful and refreshing.
The main course i had was Dijon Salmon. The fish was prepared to perfection, with a nice dijon sauce. The skin was extra crispy and was fantastic. It was served with fingerling potatoes. Their mashed potatoes were also very good.
The dessert i had was an ice cream sandwich . Chocolate Chip cookies with gelato between them. It was called Jacques Torres ice cream sandwich. It was excellent.
The service was excellent and friendly. The music in the background was very Parisian Jazzy. It added to the atmosphere. Perhaps being outside away from any chatter inside the restaurant, listening to the music in the background, in quite a romantic setting overlooking a quiet part of Prince St., great food and service, all made for a wonderful evening.

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  1. I am sure there are hundreds of restaurants like this in Manhattan that just needs to be discovered by chowhounders but often times, I feel like Manhattan Chowhound is only geared toward fancy joints like Eleven Madison park and Per Se.
    Nice find. I love it when you discover something by luck.

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    1. re: Monica

      Chowhound is geared to whatever your interest is. I pretty much ignore all the fancy place posts, because I don't eat at those places much. We make Chowhound whatever we want it to be.

      1. re: Peter Cuce

        Peter Cuce" we make Chowhound whatever we want it to be"
        I agree 100%.
        Note: i eat in the fanciest to the diveiest (sp) It's all good, but it is great to make new finds.( inexpensive with good food is the best find)
        Va Paula: it was a really nice evening.

      2. re: Monica

        +1 on everything Monica said. One of the things I miss most about living in Manhattan are the innumerable cute little French places just like the one that foodwhisperer describes-and that rarely get mentioned on CH. They may not being doing anything cutting edge, but they deliver a good meal with good service in a nice setting.

        Thanks for the report, fw. Sounded like a nice evening all-around.

      3. thanks for the review. i heard about this place a few months back, but could never get feedback from someone who dined there. definitely want to check this place out soon.

        i read somewhere they have a pretty good burger, although i think it is only served at brunch/lunch.

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          Everything seems good. I think they opened 2months ago. No hype, no long wait to get in.