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Visiting Tarrytown on a Saturday night.Restaurant for the whole family?

Hello, My family of six will be spending the night in Tarrytown this Saturday.
We were hoping to find somewhere within the main street area (or near the water?) that serves good food (all nationalities are of interest) but will not be put out that we are A) a family with kids, one of whom is five, and B) Will, if they don't have a children's menu, at least be willing to offer one serving such as plain pasta or unadorned salad. We'd like to avoid bar food and the like. Except for the littlest one we are pretty adventurous eaters.
This may seem like overplanning, but I have no idea what Tarrytown is like and have had too many experiences in restaurants who really did not want kids but were too polite (?) to say so to our face.
Any suggestions would be welcome. Thank You!

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  1. Sunset Cove is on the water and has a children's menu


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      Sorry to disagree, but I had a horrible meal at Sunset Cove late last summer. The food was lousy, as was the service. The only thing going for the restaurant is the view.

      If you go down the road a little further, there are a few good choices in Irvington, especially River City Grill and Il Sorriso. I love Mima and Red Hat, but probably not too child-friendly.

    2. Sunset Cove is a good choice, and the waterfront is great. Plenty of other choices with average food, and no ambiance, are children friendly. Enjoy the waterfront.

      1. Two places that should work for your family are Santorini, a Greek place in Sleepy Hollow, and Santa Fe, a southwestern (not just "Mexican") place on Main Street right next to the Tarrytown Music Hall.

        1. Sweet Grass Grill might work for you. The menu is a nice offering for the adults and they do have a children's menu, too.

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            That's great to hear about Sweet Grass- I had checked their site on advice from the boards, but they didn't mention a kid's menu.
            Thanks for everyone's suggestions- they were quite helpful!

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              yes, I checked the website before I posted. They def have one.

          2. Not directly in answer to this post, but re: Tarrytown -- Noted Caravela's was dark last night. Have they closed??

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              Yes, Caravela's closed--no reason cited in this Patch article

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                Thanks for the link. It's sad for us: we never had a bad meal there -- and there was easy (and free!) parking.

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                We ended up going to sweet grass grill which really shone in the vegetable/herbs department, but suffered with any sort of animal protein. (my rare skirt steak was uniform brown and cold, but the chimuchurri on top was delicious). I was kind of appalled that we paid 8 dollars for a small (truly small- it couldn't have filled a coffee cup) amount of macaroni and cheese for my five year old. We all threw in some veggies from our own plates to supplement, but it just seemed absurd that box pasta and a small amount of cheese sauce would cost that much.
                We had a better experience the next night at Mint. Although the restaurant was busy with a large party, they did their best to seat us and made up for the fact that the food took a while by offering different cheeses and smoked meats while we waited. The food (for adults) was fantastic. It was easily the best pesto I've ever had at a restaurant.
                Thanks for all of the recs- it certainly helped us.

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                  Thanks for reporting back. Sweet grass really varies for me every time I go. Sometimes it's great, other times it's not. Last time I was there the burger was not that good and our dessert was awful.
                  I'm glad you enjoyed mint. I've been meaning to get there since the NYT reviewed it. Do you mind detailing what you all ate with some rough prices?

              2. If you are considering Sunset Cove, consider Half Moon in Dobbs, 2 towns (10 minutes away). Very spacious, lots of on the water seating, or if you prefer a vast dining space inside, more than enough to feel comfortable with a large party. Children's menu, and basically upscale "Pub Grub". Should be something on the menu for everyone, and the quality of the food is very good.


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                  No prices on their online menu, I really disike that---how are their prices? Thanks