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Maui Summer 2013

Hello. I'm an Australian now in Maui; used this fantastic site to great effect for SFO recommendations last trip. Can't see anything up to date for Maui. Staying Kaanapali 9 days, but prepared to travel a little if worth it. Happy to pay for anything worthwhile; any cuisine, but preferably good wine list that stretches beyond a token sav blanc and Napa Chardonnay (nothing wrong with that in principle, but seeking some diversity). Any suggestions gratefuly accepted ...

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  1. There have been recent threads. Search Maui in the search area and see how those threads address your questions.

    1. Aloha..
      Hula Grill and Duke's for happy hour is one of my fave's in Ka'anapali.
      Mama's Fish House for lunch or sunset dinner.

      Bev Gannon's General Store
      Kula Lodge for breakfast after the crater sunrise.
      Morning snorkeling at Molokini is awesome with the Monk Seals..

      Gazebo in Napili for breakfast..Macadamia pancakes
      Sea House

      Plantation House at Kapalua Golf Course for the best breakfast..Ahi benedict with wasabi hollandaise..no wait, great views and reasonable.

      Costco and Foodland for poke are your friends.

        1. Mahalo! That's a great help. I did try searching but clearly need to improve my game...

          1. I recommend the O'o Farm tour and lunch. You would have to bring your own wine, but the food was excellent, the arbor with the tables you eat at look like something out of a fairytale (the picture on the website is pretty accurate), and if you are at all interested in growing your own produce, it's a very interesting tour. Eating just picked produce and drinking freshly roasted coffee makes a huge difference flavor-wise. Monday through Thursday only, starting at 10:30 am, reservations essential.

            1. You have gotten some good resources.

              While I might have contributed in some of those, here is my short list, starting in Ka`anapoli/Kapalua:

              Peter Merriman's, up toward Kapalua
              Gerard's in Lahaina
              Lahaina Grill
              I`o in Lahaina

              Would have recommended Banyun Tree at the Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua, but have not dined there, since a major redo.

              Some other favorites, just have not done anything for me.

              Now, though a trek from West Maui, I would be remiss to not mention Mama's Fish House. We had done lunches from Ka`anapali, but due to our love of wines, and the distances, had not done dinner there - just too far to drive. Then, we were given a week's stay at the Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua, and took them up on the offer. However, we passed on two more free nights there, to pay for The Inn at Mama's, just to be able to have dinners there, and walk back to our cottage. It was well worth that expense.

              We also did another night at Bev Gannon's, and that was good, as always.

              IMHO, the two best wines lists are at Mama's (loads of very good FR Chards), and then Gerard's (again, great FR Chards).

              Again, just my personal preferences.

              Aloha, and enjoy,


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                I really enjoyed Kahana Grill in Kahana Gateway plaza. The chef is formerly of The Plantation House and his food was excellent at this new place (opened 11/12). You should try that next time you are in that area.

                1. re: manomin

                  Mahalo for the tip.

                  On the next Maui trip, I need to do Alan Wong's Amasia, so I will have some new spots to investigate.



                  1. re: Bill Hunt

                    I've done Amasia three times. Each was very nice indeed.

                    1. re: sal_acid

                      So very glad to hear.

                      I am probably too close to the organization, to comment, until I can dine there - hopefully soon.



              2. too late to help the op but if anyone else is looking at this thread:

                Iron Imu BBQ at Napili Shores Resort
                5315 Lower Honoapiilani Rd
                Napili, HI 96761:

                pretty good southern barbeque for something different

                Ono Kau Kau
                3481 L Honoapiilani Rd
                Lahaina, HI 96761:

                Mixed plate lunch, garlic Ono, teriaki beef, Pig, Rice and macaroni salad full belly for15usd

                Star Noodle
                286 Kupuohi St
                Lahaina, HI 96761:

                Excellent house made noodle dishes, go during off hours ridiculously popular