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Jun 24, 2013 10:47 PM

Bibich Winery in Croatia - Anyone been there recently?

Hi all, I am sure any of you who has watched last year's No Reservations on Croatia will remember Anthony Bourdain's tasting meal at Bibich winery in Skradin. Well, has any of the hounders here visited the winery yet? What did you think of if?

I sent them an email inquiry and their prices are quite high indeed! The simplest tasting with some small plates is near to 50 Euros and the fanciest tasting menu goes up to 200+ Euros! Is it really worth the money?

Most of my searches about Bibich winery turns up 2 kinds of information: 1) Organized visits by the Croatian tourism boards or 2) Visits that are part of a package holiday. There are hardly any independent reviews. Yet, the my eyes are telling me I must have a bite of that Skradin Risotto!

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  1. Here is a recent report on a visit - the title says it all:

    1. Here's a report from my visit in late July 2013:

      We arranged for the wine tasting for lunch through email with the winery. They are a little slow at replying sometimes so you have to be patient. The typical tasting menu runs for 350 kuna per person and comes with 7 or so wines and almost 10 small tapas-like bites. From what I understand, there are other programs for large groups or private parties.

      In isolation, the food itself is fine, but not something I would go out of my way for. However, with the intelligent wine pairings, it makes for a very fun experience. I would return if in the area.

      I didn't drive since I wanted to drink. Unfortunately, that meant that the only taxi company in Skradin could charge me 200 kunas per way for the less than 10 minute drive to the winery..

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