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Jun 24, 2013 09:34 PM

Sushi Manten Marunouchi Brick Square

Yes, i do eat a lot of sushi, and does it change my view ? not that much, actualy. Still, i am a bit more critical than others perhaps ? Anyway. Sushi Manten is a quiet reasonable sushi, not on top of my favorite, as it is missing some great pieces (maguro not exceptional!). But still, it does have a good level.. In this sushi, I have had 3 different sake, for beginning a Yamagata Joukigen Junmai, and a Fukushima Homare Junmai Gincho, and a more fresh one from Ishikawa Kuro Obi..
Omakase list here below :
Shijimi shiru
Kamasu nigiri
Kotobushi (small awabi)
Mozuku ponzu
Kanpachi karashi, maguro zuke
Nama shirasu
Meji maguro
Aji nigiri
Junsai (season)
Ikura don wasabi
Kuruma ebi
Tarako, tako no sashimi, tofu
Uni (2 sortes)
Miso shiru
Naka ochi, tamanegi
Kanpyo maki, goma, ooba
the menu (dinner) is at 5000yens. If at some points it has original offer, I believe it would be more impactful if it finished on the sea urchin, instead of the too usual omelet, kanpyo.If I had to recommend a reasonably priced sushi for those that are allergic to the more 10,000.-yens price high end sushi, i would say it is on position 2, after sushi Uoshin(Ikebukuro). In this sushi, as you wont catch the chef attention, unfortunately, the next step will be sushi Sagane.. well, no english, but but very nice attention paid to customers.,

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  1. I've read a few of your posts and my wife and I went to Uoshin Nogizaka tonight. Thanks for the recommendation, it was great. I am planning to go to lunch at Butagami tomorrow and I also have reservations at TAKAZAWA tomorrow night. I went to Sushi-Bun at Tsukiji this morning - very nice. We are staying at the Park Hyatt Shinjuku (but enjoy traveling to other neighborhoods and I would love some suggestions. Some thing for breakfast tomorrow and Thursday in Tokyo?
    Also lunch Wednesday - I think you like Iwa - is there a second choice if they are booked? (Saito was booked)
    Also we tried to get a table at Nakamura for Wednesday night - booked. Can you suggest another Izakaya? Or another type of Japanese cuisine/place?

    Finally, on Thursday we go to Kyoto and Friday/Saturday in Osaka. Have any favorites there?

    Thanks again.

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      Wow! Anything else you would like our beloved (and incredibly tolerant) Ninisix to do?

      1. re: jbwiggins

        Hi, I will be staying at the Park Hyatt Shinjuku next week. What can you tell me about:
        a. the restaurants in the hotel
        b. anything special or even just really good within walking distance?
        c. did you use their conceirge for restaurant reservations and if so were they helpful?


        1. re: stuartlafonda

          Well, I guess I now have to answer my own question. Chowhound is about getting and giving............... and I will have more reports as I recover from jet lag.

          The Park Hyatt Shinjuku is in an out of the way location. The hotel, physically is fantastic,and the staff could not be more helpful, securing me a reservation at Jiro /Roppongi Hills, but foodwise it stinks. Their Japanese restaurant was uninteresting. Standard choices, competently done but at exorbitant prices. The French restaurant was bad and also widly expensive. The best food in the hotel is in the Indian restaurant in the basement. Excellent food at a good price. I had a conversation with the owner. He was very friendly, professional and serious about his cuisine. If you need a break and want to eat in the hotel and have something different, I suggest a meal there. The deli, on the ground floor is also something to pass on. One night I had the special charcuterie plate and unlimited craft beer. The beer was excellent but the meat platter was laughable. The patisserie, by ther hotel entrance had excellent desserts. The best meal in the hotel is the american style breakfast. A huge spread of everything imaginable, and good quality. There may be some good food nearby but after breakfast at the hotel we were out of the area until bedtime so I did not eat locally. In my early morning walks around the area I did not see much in the way of restaurants as it looked like a very commercial/government area. I'm sure there is some good stuff tucked away nearby.

          1. re: stuartlafonda

            Wow Stu. You have to got to go east, north, or south of Shinjuku Station. Park Hyatt is smack in the middle of other hotels, city hall, and office towers. Honestly, I can't imagine why anyone into food would stay there, let alone eat there. I guess you have your reasons. There are probably more places per square block to eat and drink on the east side of Shinjuku Station than anywhere else on the planet. Chalk this up as a cautionary tale for future travelers I guess.....How was Hokkaido?

            1. re: Silverjay

              Traveling with 8 others people none of whom are 'hounds. I was out voted on every issue. Yes, I wrote this in part to warn others. I did have some excellent meals in Tokyo at Jiro /Roopongi, a sushi joint on the Ginza and at Tsukiji but not at that hotel or nearby the Park Hyatt Shinjuku.

              Hokkaido was stunningly beautiful,inspiring and Cape Kamul was exhilarating. I will report about the food, what little I got to, on the other thread though in general I can say, thank g-d for morning markets. Any opportunity to thank you, and other hounds fort the help, is an opportunity I will not pass on. Thank You.

              1. re: stuartlafonda

                ok, figured there was some extenuating circumstances. Look forward to your report.

                1. re: Silverjay

                  The Park Hyatt Shinjuku is a beautiful hotel, and the free shuttle from and to Shinjuku station makes it pretty easy to get to good food destinations. You can do a lot worse than stay there when in Tokyo, in my opinion.

                  1. re: od_sf

                    There's a nice 4-star hotel basically attached to the station that helps you avoid the sterile business district, as well as the necessity to wait for and ride a shuttle through it. It's probably less than half the price for a room....But yeah PH is certainly not the worst place in the world. Though I occasionally would have meetings or pick up business travelers there and some of them would complain about how "boring" Shinjuku is.

                    1. re: od_sf

                      Yes, they have a van to pick you up from the station and the driver went into the station, found us and lead us out,which was no small task. I of course was eating a bowl of curry from some tiny store front inside the station awaiting the arrival of the van. They were so nice that one day when the van was out they had a black BMW 750 il pull up and take us to the nearby sword museum rather then have us wait. The curry as most know is unlike traditional Indian curry. I found it gloppy and boring. I also had it two other times, once in the basement of a Sogo Department store in Yokahama and once at a second floor joint in Onuma National Park. Each version was the same though I did enjoy the perfectly fried cutlet at Onuma.

              2. re: stuartlafonda

                Just to note that the restaurants in the basement arcade under the Park Hyatt (such as the Indian one you went to) have no connection with the hotel.

            2. re: jbwiggins

              In fact, Uoshin Nogizaka is different than the sushi Uoshin that is located in Higashi Ikebukuro, Uoshin Nogizaka is an izakaya chain not sushi Uoshin that is family business 4th generation fisherman, 2nd generation sushi-yasan. Sushi Iwa, on week days, it will be easier to book, sushi Taichi is also great but reservation is impossible at lunch.

              Yakitori Banchou in the Shin Marunouchi is a good destination for yakitori, wine, including french dishes.... with a view, due to the reopening of the Tokyo station, you can only book for 2 hours, but if you go after 20:00 you will have more time..


              Breakfast, the only places open early on the morning are the station basement food small restaurant like Camp Curry inside the station of Ikebukuro...

              1. re: Ninisix

                Thanks again. Hahah I guess I confused the Uoshin Nogizaka - I wondered why the sushi bar was so small. I guess its hard to have a bad meal in Tokyo. We booked Sushi taichi for lunch with an hour notice. Yakitori Banchou in the Shin Marunouchi was very nice. thanks.

                Just had kaseiki in Osaka - here for one more day and then we have a night in Tokyo - any last suggestions?


            3. The original comment has been removed