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Jun 24, 2013 09:25 PM

Bottled Water. Yay/Nay ?

It is definetly a nay for me. Maybe in parts of the world it is needed. I just see it as a gimmick.Get a good water filter. What are the advantages or disadvantages of bottled water other than saving it for a disaster?

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  1. No advantages, at least in North America. Bottled water is a total sham; most of it comes from the same place people get their tap water. The industry has somehow convinced Americans that they need it and their tap water is somehow unsafe. What a waste of money and plastic. Some local tap waters may taste funny - get a filter for those. Otherwise straight out of the tap please.

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      Our city water is disgusting. It smells bad. It makes our hair feel gummy. We have a water softener, an RO filter for drinking water, and a filter in our shower that is supposed to work for six months that is full of crap in 30 days or less.

      1. re: sandylc

        I'm not asking for an address, Sandy, but what municipality is your water from? I'm in Shoreview and our water is fine. I grew up in a rural Minnesota town with shallow wells that were groundwater only, meaning there was no aquifer. The water was terrible, but as a kid I did not know it. When we visited my grandmother and cousins in Columbia Heights, I thought their water tasted funny. It turns out I just did not know what good water tasted like.

        My brother on the other hand, has a well in out-state Minnesota and while the water is safe, it smells bad. I don't even want to rinse my toothbrush with that water.

        1. re: John E.

          I am in Burnsville. Almost four years ago they switched their water source from aquifer to surface sludge. No one is happy with it and the city is in denial.

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          It is easy to tell if bottled water comes from a municipal water supply. When it is spring water, they have to put the source on the label. Only the cheaper ones do not come from a spring. If you know who is bottling it, like Pepsi (Aquafina) or Coca Cola (Dasani), then you can pretty much guess it's city water.

          Distilled is another choice out there. But I like to mix and match spring waters. My Mom has a spring right near her house and that's all she drinks. She swears it keeps her young, like a fountain of youth!

        2. Nay, unless I'm in a 3rd world country. Haven't died from tap water in the US yet!

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            The only places I opted for bottled water was in Peru when there was actually particulate floating in it And Kenya/Tanzania because the guides were so adamant about it and we actually did have low grade diarrhea the whole time we were there which is unheard of for us.

            Besides it being unnecessary, the plastic is a terrible polluter.

            1. re: c oliver

              When I went to eastern Europe a few years ago I was told to NOT drink the tap water. We drank mineral water only. I don't recall seeing plain bottled water. In some of the bottled mineral water, the only mineral I could detect was salt.

              1. re: John E.

                We spend time in Rio and the "middle class" and up wouldn't DREAM of drinking tap water. But the "normal" people that we hang out with do so we do.

                1. re: c oliver

                  We were not there long enough to get acclimated to the tap water. We also did not wish to take the risk of the screamin' meemees in the short time we were there. I mostly drank beer and wine anyway.

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                Just in hotel in Kusadasi, Turkey and had a sign in the lobby that the water was not potable, but to get bottled water one had to pay for it, at breakfast, and at meals. First time ever for me. Hope you went to Pamukkale.

                1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                  You are better off for having read the sign.

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                    IIRC, we didn't spend a night in Kusadasi but definitely visited Pamukkale. Incredible, wasn't it? And considering what the water looked like there, I can see that the surrounding area's water might not be real tasty :)

                    1. re: c oliver

                      And we flew, no overnight bus from Cappadocia, So much better.

              3. Nay, but we live in the country and have one of the best tasting wells in the world.

                1. Total big fat hairy Nay. Tap's fine for me.

                  A coworker's husband was coping with a super weak immune system about a decade ago. Folks in the hospital admonished her to *not* give him bottled spring water when he got home, because of the risk of impurities...only bottled filtered water if he demanded bottled water (which he didn't; tap was fine, and was filtered municipal water just like Aquafina, Dasani, etc).

                  That said, I do love bottled sparkling water (like Pellegrino) when I'm trying to kick my Diet Coke habit, like, you know, now.

                  1. Depends what the local water tastes like. On my first visit to LA, I discovered why So Cal is the bottled water capital.

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                      Excluding areas where the water poses health risks - taste is the reason for me. I remember going to camp in northern Minnesota as a kid, and the smell of sulfur from the water was really strong. Had I had the opportunity for bottled water - I definitely would have appreciated that.

                      Similarly in Tel Aviv - where the water is technically safe to drink - particularly places with older pipes there is just a taste/smell that comes with the water that is off putting.

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                        Exactly. In addition to how bad it is ordinarily, after the Northridge earthquake in 1994, everyone was warned not to drink tap water unless boiled first with a bit of chlorine bleach added. Bought bottled spring water from that time on.