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Jun 24, 2013 08:32 PM

Catering/take-out ideas for work gathering for 12 @ my house- Nice budget!!

This year, the big retreat is at my place and we have a nice budget (about $3-400- not that I have to spend it all...) to work with. Party of 12. End of July.

It's generally a wine crowd, and I have a couple of cases of Prosecco; Rose and can throw together a decent Sangria too. I have now looked thru hundreds of menus and am already bored sifting thru Tuscan fare; NW plates, etc., I'm likin' Podnah's for BBQ if we go that direction. Otherwise I'm not all that impressed by what I'm seeing. Maybe I just haven't stumbled upon it....

Anyone have any takeout suggestions for an awesome meal with heavy hors d'oeuvres?
Thanks for the help!

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  1. Barbur World Foods for Lebanese
    3 Doors Down for Italian

    Personally, I love Podnah's, nothing wrong with that. ;o)

    If you are looking for a catering company, Voila is a good one.

    1. Are you at all interested in a private chef? With your budget, you could easily consider that option as well. That way, you might be able to tailor the meal to your specifications better. Just a thought.

      1. Thanks for the replies! So far I seem to be geared toward a little of this and that: Pambiche and Pix Patisserie have earned places on the menu.... and sticking with Podnah's too!

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          You could also try Pastaworks (I am assuming from your choices that you are on the east side - if on the west side, City Market is the west side branch of Pastaworks) and have them put together a meat and cheese platter, and I think that they might do other types of platters as well. They carry a great selection of local and imported food and wine and have folks that know a lot about wine and pairing food with it.