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Jun 24, 2013 07:57 PM

great pad thai in Berkeley-Oakland area?

Not sweet, good al dente noodles, balance of ingredients, I'm not sure what else is key to this dish. I liked the version at the long-gone Racha Cafe in SF.

Soi 4 makes a lot of good dishes but this is not one of them, noodles stuck together and it just didn't work.

Champa Garden, bland and sweet, confirms my sense that I should not order the Thai dishes.

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  1. Sabuy Sabuy II

    go when Burt the owner is working...and of course don't ever get pad thai to go.

    1233 San Pablo Ave
    (between Harrison St & Gilman St)
    Berkeley, CA 94706

    1. Chai Thai's version was bland and greasy, not actively bad but one of the less interesting dishes I've had there.

      Seems like nobody uses enough dried shrimp. If any.

      1. Racha Cafe's was better than the previous three, not sweet, nice sour element, but not spicy and no peanuts or dried shrimp.

        1. Have you tried "Your Place" on University at Acton?

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          1. re: sydthekyd

            Tried Your Place last night. Best so far, good texture, decent flavor balance, but lacking the traditional spicy / fishy / fermented flavors I'm looking for.

          2. I just skip it in favor of the Chan Pad Poo at Chai Thai. Though it's really just a Pad Thai variant w/ crab, it is much better. I can't understand why their Chan Pad Poo is so much better than their Pad Thai, unless they have simply grown accustomed to dumbing down the Pad Thai because it is such a favorite of the flavor averse.

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            1. re: lexdevil

              I think it is much less sweet, no peanuts and some Chili heat to it that the Pad Thai does not.