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Delivering baby at Mt Sinai -- Great takeout??

I'll be giving birth in the next couple of weeks at Mt Sinai on upper east side. Where can I send my husband for some delicious takeout to speed up my recovery? Would love to have some good food ideas lined up so he doesn't come back after an exploratory walk with a slice of cold pizza for me!

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  1. Dear Stickies,
    A couple in love asked some weeks ago about a place to eat after eloping and I publically admired the title of that thread, but in the universal scheme of surrealism, double entendre & "wha?"-shaped queries, I think yours beats theirs by at least 21 city blocks.

    Good luck with your 'watchamacallit' (& I'm sorry that I know nothing about that neighbourhood!)

    1. You are such a foodie!!!! Giving birth and worried about takeout?? Tell him to go out and come back with a surprise!!!

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        (It doesn't work that way, mayor -not for a new mother.)

      2. There is no Greek in the immediate vicinity of the hospital. Falafel Express is a Middle Eastern hole in the wall that is popular with locals for their abundant and delicious kabab platters. Moustache is a bit further, but also specializes in Middle Eastern.

        The gastro winebar ABV now has a takeout menu so you can take their phenomenal short rib gnocchi or brisket tortas to go. Of course if you want Mexican, El Aguila or Jalapeño Deli are solid options for something casual within a few blocks, though the more substantial plates at Café Ollin are worth traveling for.

        1. Yes, awesome you're a foodie and the priorities make sense (I hear that labor is exhausting and you'll need to replenish your energy)

          Luzzo's Pizza or something, 96th between Mad and Lex somewhere (north side of street)

          Wa Jeal is up there on 2nd 81/82 or so

          Nicks Pizza is good for takeout pasta too 2nd 94th

          There's others and a whole lot of very good mexican on Lex in the 100's I don't know the names, just know they are there

          1. Best CH topic ever. Here's an old topic, same question: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/830118

            1. Yo In Yo Out on Lex, btw 100 and 101, despite the odd name, has good casual French. I was going to recommend El Paso at Lex and 103, but even closer for you is El Paso Taqueria at 64 E. 97, btw Madison and Park.

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                This is all such great information! Thank you! I'm going to check menus now and put in my order. Spicy mexi and wine bars sound v good night now!

                I wouldn't have thought it so surprising that a hospital-bound chowhounder would be asking for foodie recs near a hospital -- I mean, has anyone eactually ever tasted hospital food worth eating??

                (With my last baby at another hospital, my good friend brought me a bag full of treats fr Eataly - exactly what the dr ordered!)

                And Yo In Yo Out is a hysterical name for a restaurant -- kind of summarizes 9.5 months of pregnancy in one fell swoop!

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                  Note that Yo In and Yo Out isn't open for lunch, so if you're to give birth during the day, well, seek a different restaurant. :)

                  Congratulation and hope you'll have a smooth delivery!
                  Check out Kitchen M for simple panini and cafe goods, Earl's Beer & Cheese (not that you should drink right after your baby, hee) or Nick's Pizza.

              2. The "Wright" at the Guggenheim can probably accomodate your "push" meal as long as it's not in the evening cause I don't believe they do dinner. It's only a short distance from hospital.

                1. I had lunch last year at Yo In, and Menupages says they open at 11 AM.

                  1. Curious where you/he ends up. I love food and spent all 9.5 months of my pregnancy whining about the things I couldn't eat and drink, and thinking, like you are, about what I'll eat first. But in reality, most women give birth at odds hours of the night/morning and are too exhausted and overwhelmed at that moment to worry about their first post-pregnancy meal. That said, nothing wrong with planning for what you'll have once the initial craziness dies down!! My husband, brand new daughter and I stopped at one of my favorite take out places on our way home from the hospital! Good luck and congrats!

                    1. My deliveries have been in the middle of the night, so my immediate post partum food has been uninspired scrambled egg sandwiches. Yura on Madison has really wonderful scrambled egg sandwiches--their seeded, sourdough roll is great. I do find their staff to be on the brusque side, and vying against upper east siders for limited seats makes eating in very unappealing.
                      I think Moustache's garlicky grilled chicken over wonderfully comforting lentil puree, with their fresh pita, is probably as good as post partum nourishment gets.
                      Second the Cafe Ollin recommendation, if you're feeling up for ridiculously delicious spicy sauce on your sandwich.
                      Good luck!

                      1. 20 years ago this December I gave birth to my daughter at Mt. Sinai - no Chowhound back then, for sure! I believe he brought me back some decent Shepard's Pie from one of the then (still?) ubiquitous Irish pubs in the neighborhood. Congratulations to Mama, Daddy and baby!

                        1. Having just spent the better part of a month there--put on hospital supervised bed rest antepartum and mucho complications post partum, I have a lot to say about this topic. I refused to eat their food so my deliveries started daily with good coffee. Seattle Cafe. www.seattlecafe.com There's wifi there and you can order online and pay via credit card, so seamless is also your friend. During my pregnancy I craved burgers and milkshakes so Jackson Hole made quite a few trips to me. Though the rooms do not come with a fridge, you can request one. As a downtown girl I was shocked (and totally annoyed) to discover that maxdelivery doesn't deliver up there, but fresh direct does. I may have gone down in the maternity ward's history as the first patient to ever order a fresh direct delivery to my room.
                          I regularly ordered from the following:

                          Akita Sushi
                          1771 1st Ave. (1st Ave. & 92nd St.), New York, NY 10028
                          (212) 828-8668

                          Cafe Ollin
                          339 E 108th St (108th St. between 1st Ave. & 2nd Ave.), NY, NY 10029
                          (212) 828-3644

                          El Paso Taqueria
                          1642 Lexington Avenue (Lexington Ave. between E 103rd St. & E 104th St.), NY, NY 10029
                          (212) 722-1113

                          Notes for delivery (of food, not babies): your address is 1176 Fifth Avenue, delivery guy will call your cell, buzz your nurse, she will run down and p/u for you (unless your husband is there to go down to lobby) delivery guys can not come up to rooms.

                          Good Luck and congrats!!!!

                          1. On west side of Madison Ave. mid block between 103rd and 104th there is a very standard looking deli/buffet. I had some of the best Lechon ever there. Other stuff looked equally reliable.

                            1. I delivered all of my babies at Mt.Sinai.....did Vico every time! Sister restaurant to Sette Mezzo.

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                                Hopefully that baby's out of her by now. This thread is from June 2013 :)

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                                  But still helpful - I literally just did a search on this today (what a weird coincidence it was resurrected). I'll be looking into these options any day now!

                                  Unsurprisingly, the #1 most popular meal after delivery is sushi. Any good options around there?

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                                    More importantly - good luck finding a nurse to run down to pick up your food.

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                                      That's what husbands are for - gophers.

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                                      I live nearby and I don't think there is a lot of good sushi to be had. If good Mexican (not Tex-Mex) would hit the spot there's El Paso Taqueria a couple of blocks from the hospital. I'm surprised to see Vico recommended. I don't know of anyone who goes there and it's got the reputation for being a sort of snooty rip-off. For upscale Italian, Paola's, across the street from Vico, is excellent. For French bistro I like both Pascalou and Le Paris. Very good burgers and cottage fries at Ottomanelli not far away.

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                                        Thank you, City Kid and JungMann! Especially helpful to get feedback from someone living in the 'hood. I'm sure my husband will be eating quite a few takeout meals while I'm there, and he'd loooooove a good cheeseburger.

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                                          Jane: Great hospital -- and some good delivery options -- best of luck to you!

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                                        Ichiro and Wasabi Lobby are pretty decent options for delivery sushi in the neighborhood. YMMV. As a side note, while Tanoshi Sushi does not deliver, their sister restaurant, Tanoshi Bento does.

                                  2. My dad has a great story about my birth at Mt Sinai, back in 78, and going to a very fancy french resto to get take out, and the snooty maitre'd sending him away, until he learned that my dad just had a son, then he turned immediately said "Ah Mazel tov! come back into the kitchen, what do you need? what does she like?" and dropped the french accent and gave him a huge spread to take to the hospital. Its a good story, that I still hear about once a year.

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                                      I knew it..I knew those French keep accent purposely. Just didn't know how to prove it.

                                      1. re: Monica

                                        I think the guy wasnt even french, but was just affecting the accent for the position, but went right back to his brooklyn accent when he heard the news.

                                    2. Sorry to report that Yo in Yo Out has closed.

                                      1. i read this thread with great interest because i'll be at mount sinai within the next couple of weeks to have a mass/growth removed and will have a couple of visitors, including my GF, seeking meals for themselves (and maybe a smuggled snack for me, if i play my cards right)