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Jun 24, 2013 07:46 PM

Delivering baby at Mt Sinai -- Great takeout??

I'll be giving birth in the next couple of weeks at Mt Sinai on upper east side. Where can I send my husband for some delicious takeout to speed up my recovery? Would love to have some good food ideas lined up so he doesn't come back after an exploratory walk with a slice of cold pizza for me!

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  1. Dear Stickies,
    A couple in love asked some weeks ago about a place to eat after eloping and I publically admired the title of that thread, but in the universal scheme of surrealism, double entendre & "wha?"-shaped queries, I think yours beats theirs by at least 21 city blocks.

    Good luck with your 'watchamacallit' (& I'm sorry that I know nothing about that neighbourhood!)

    1. You are such a foodie!!!! Giving birth and worried about takeout?? Tell him to go out and come back with a surprise!!!

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        (It doesn't work that way, mayor -not for a new mother.)

      2. There is no Greek in the immediate vicinity of the hospital. Falafel Express is a Middle Eastern hole in the wall that is popular with locals for their abundant and delicious kabab platters. Moustache is a bit further, but also specializes in Middle Eastern.

        The gastro winebar ABV now has a takeout menu so you can take their phenomenal short rib gnocchi or brisket tortas to go. Of course if you want Mexican, El Aguila or Jalapeño Deli are solid options for something casual within a few blocks, though the more substantial plates at Café Ollin are worth traveling for.

        1. Yes, awesome you're a foodie and the priorities make sense (I hear that labor is exhausting and you'll need to replenish your energy)

          Luzzo's Pizza or something, 96th between Mad and Lex somewhere (north side of street)

          Wa Jeal is up there on 2nd 81/82 or so

          Nicks Pizza is good for takeout pasta too 2nd 94th

          There's others and a whole lot of very good mexican on Lex in the 100's I don't know the names, just know they are there

          1. Best CH topic ever. Here's an old topic, same question: