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Jun 24, 2013 07:11 PM

Noord-wine recs

I'm excited to be dining at Noord this week but need help with my wine choices. It's a celebratory dinner so I'd like to start with something bubbly. And we'll need something to finish off the meal. Send me some recommendations!

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      1. re: Carole

        As I remember, we had a selection of Belgian ales, and a Normandy cider that were generally good matches. Of course, that may not fit into the "celebratory" atmosphere you want depending on your view point.

        Most of the other tables seemed to be drinking Riesling, which is generally food friendly.

        It's just very hearty food, and the variety is very diverse, which makes it hard to pair wines and begs for beer in my mind.

        You mentioned something bubbly, and of course I always say: Champagne goes with everything, even food.

    1. scandinavia is known for ice wines, so that could be fun. chardonnay, reisling or pinot noir would also be good and functional/flexible.

      if you want to do beer, check out offerings from To Øl, Mikkeller, Evil Twin, Nogne Øl. they all offer way more interesting stuff than simple lagers.

      1. This is way late but for wine in addition to the Riesling and Chard recommendations looking at the menu I'd also suggest bigger white rhone varietals like Viognier and Marsanne. The food needs wines w/ scale but not tannins or big oak so I think these'll work. I agree w/ drinking ciders here too for the same reason; scale. In regard to beer I'd stay away from the darker and roastier styles and again go for bigger lighter colored beers like Saison or Vienna lager, or Kolsch or Gueuze for something a bit lighter in weight but still packing a punch.