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So i finally went to Marshalls and bought stuff

Well, I must say I do like this store good prices on cookware and kitchen utensil.

Need some in put on a cuisinart chefs classic non stick hard anodize 8" skillet, do you have one? Have you seen any reviews on it? What is hard anodized anyway?

ps. i was looking for all clad stuff but the store I was in did not have any.

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  1. Hard anodized aluminum is really aluminum which underwent passivation to oxidize its surface. Here is a short explanation:


    nonstick hard anodized cookware, however, behave much like any nonstick cookware since it is the nonstick surface making contact with your foods, not the hard anodized surface.

    1. Ukjason, I have the ten inch. Fine egg pan. Do not use metal utensils.

      1. Marshalls will always only have bits and pieces. Sometimes you will find great things, and other times not. I don't think I've ever seen All Clad at Marshalls or Home Goods.

        There are a few AC pieces out for display at my local Bed Bath and Beyond. And Williams Sonoma carries that line.

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          I have purchased various All Clad pieces at Marshalls, TJMaxx and Homegoods. They all seem to receive batches every few months and sell out quickly. Most of the time they are priced around 50% of list price, although I have occasionly purchased pieces from the clearance area for even less (missing lid, etc).

          1. re: Pwmfan

            OK, glad to know this. I don't think I've ever seen AC, and I used to haunt my local Home Goods.

            I live in a new area now, and the Home Goods is not nearly as convenient to me. I still go, but not nearly as often.

          2. re: sueatmo

            Hi, Sue:

            +1. I'm with you about Marshall's, except my luck has been that I've *never* found any great things at my local (Seattle) ones. Then again I'm batting ZERO at Tuesday Mornings, too. I must've used up all my good luck at discounters.


            1. re: kaleokahu

              you're on the same luck category as I am, then, Kaleo....I get nothin, zilch, zip..but then just as I'm grumbling "fine, I give up" -- bwam. I hit a bonanza that keeps me going back...

              1. re: kaleokahu

                Tuesday Morning was really hit and miss for me. But I did find a Tramontina s/pan to replace the one I messed up, a year or two ago.

                I think it helps to haunt those places, and it also helps if I am looking for other things besides cookware. I've bought bakeware at Home Goods, and linens, and kitchen gadgets, and foodstuffs--and the occasional pot.

                1. re: sueatmo

                  Hi, Sue:

                  Well, I haunted pretty regularly for a long time without any scores at all, and gave up. I actually have better luck at places like Goodwill and Salvation Army than I have the discounters.


                  1. re: kaleokahu

                    And I regularly visited Goodwills in my former area and I never found any sort of cook ware I would have in my house.

                    Here, at the local Goodwill, I have picked up a very few usable kitchen goods, but no cookware, except when I was in temporary digs and had to supplement with something. I

                    I found linens at Tuesday Morning, and a knife for an adult child, and the Tramontina pan and a few other things over about a 20 year period. So, it was not like I found things
                    there every week.

                    I miss not having a nearby Home Goods.

                    1. re: sueatmo

                      Hi, sue:

                      You should check out the Goodwill online site. I have not won an auction there yet, but have bid on some nice pieces.


                  2. re: sueatmo

                    I agree with the haunting; I used to do a weekly "sweep" of 2 each Marshalls, TJMaxx and Homegoods and picked up all kinds of clearance goodies. Having run out of both money and storage space, I don't do that anymore. I did stop into Homegoods last night and saw a few All Clad pieces, including a 10" stainless frypan for $59. I still go wild when I encounter a batch of Stonewall Kitchen products at prices far less than at my local supermarkets.

                    1. re: Pwmfan

                      Where is this Home Goods, please? Thanks!

                      1. re: sueatmo

                        Roseville, Mn (first ring suburb of St. Paul).

                2. re: sueatmo

                  always look, look, look. Just bought my first piece of All-Clad that I found underneath some Wolfgang Puck drek. 9" French Skillet for $39.99. Snapped it up.

                3. Homegoods is where its at!!! the clearance aisle has some great finds too.
                  Marshalls, I have found high end food items, marked down 50% or more.
                  Till Tuesday has never been lucky for me.
                  Steinmart with coupons has some great deals too.

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                    Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Homegoods are all parts of the TJX Companies....the Canadian counterparts are Winners, Homesense, and Marshalls....and TK Maxx and Homesense in Europe.

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                      I bought a great Chef;s knife at Marshall several years ago. And bought a couple more smaller ones later. But lately I've not seen great knives there--or at Home Goods.

                      1. re: Beach Chick

                        I have the best luck at TJMaxx; we have a HomeGoods directly across the street but I don't think they even have a clearance area. Guess they send all the good stuff to only one location, if nearby? But half of my Cuisinart pots are from there.

                      2. There's sometimes all clad at the Marshall's in West Seattle..

                        1. I've picked up some wonderful deals at Marshall's, TJ Maxx, and Homegoods, but recently it seems to me that they're carrying less high-end stuff - though I've also sharply reduced the frequency of my visits, so maybe I'm not hitting them at the right times. In any case, I used to see All-Clad pieces pretty often, but they were always factory seconds and often fairly scratched up. For All-Clad factory seconds, I think Cookware 'n' More (the online vendor) is a much better source. Everything I've purchased from them has arrived in excellent condition and the prices are about what you see at Marchall's, etc.

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                          1. re: Miss Priss

                            I've been lucky with the TJM and Marshalls here.
                            They get their shipments on Tues/Thurs.. if you ask they will tell you and after they put out the fresh stock is the time to go look.

                            A few of the TJM around Atlanta had more scratched up pieces. I think most of the time it is the treatment by customers.

                            I also found my Shun and Wusthoff Ikon knives there as well, though I haven't seen any of those at TJM in over a year.

                            1. re: grnidkjun

                              I found a big dutch oven that had a small chip on the lid. When I mentioned it to the cashier, he gave me a 15% discount on the spot!

                          2. I finally had time to visit Home Goods. I came home with a large 5 qt. Caphalon induction ready really nice pot, for $60.00. I have become concerned that perhaps it is too big for my new stove, so I may take it back.

                            Also came home with a new tablecloth, which I needed.

                            I saw one piece of AC there. There were several other nice pieces of Caphalon as well. And there were pieces of less desirable cookware.

                            1. I don't go to Home Goods/Marshalls etc. as often as I used to, mostly because I just don't need much of anything anymore. I do check out the food aisles as I need replenishments of things like jam, olive oil. walnut oil etc.

                              But a brand new Home Goods is opening just a couple of miles away from me in a few weeks, I have to admit I'm pretty excited about it. Its just kind of strange that they are opening the store right across the street from another shopping center where a Marshall's is located. I wonder if they intend to keep that Marshall's open because I have noticed over the last year, year and a half, that Marshall's location has really gone down hill in terms of quality and quantity of merchandise.

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                              1. re: flourgirl

                                We have TJMaxx and Home Goods directly across from each other, and both are alive and well and always very busy. I think shoppers like that if they don't find what they want one place, they can just pop across the street for a second chance.

                                  1. re: coll

                                    Where I shop, Marshalls and Homegoods are at opposite ends of the same old school enclosed mall. There used to be a TJMaxx there as well, but I guess they thought 3 stores in the same mall was overkill!

                                  2. re: flourgirl

                                    It is not unusual to find a Home Goods and a Marshalls very close to each other. Whether this will be the case for you, I don't know.

                                    I don't just look for cookware there, but also kitchen linens and tablecloths. I have bought the occasional piece of china as well.

                                    1. re: sueatmo

                                      as above...they're all the same company, so it's reasonably logical that they would negotiate rates...I can't imagine that a property owner, when faced with 3 large stores sitting vacant, or being occupied at a discount, would opt to fill his shopping centers...

                                      1. re: sueatmo

                                        We have a combo store...Marshalls/HomeGoods...all under one roof. Two stores down is a TJ Maxx.

                                        Our M/HG is pretty awesome.