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Jun 24, 2013 06:04 PM

Open July 4th

I made a reservation on Urbanspoon at Superba Snack Bar for July 4th, but now it appears it isn't open on the holiday. Open Table doesn't seem to provide reliable information either; I saw Tar & Roses listed as open on the 4th, but I called, and this restaurant also isn't open on the 4th.

Does anyone know which restaurants with interesting food and high-quality ingredients are open on July 4th, or is there someplace I should look to get accurate information?

I'll be visiting LA from the Bay Area, so I need to eat somewhere good! Location is flexible. Thanks for recommendations.

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  1. " I saw Tar & Roses listed as open on the 4th, but I called, and this restaurant also isn't open on the 4th."

    Not sure who you talked to, but Tar & Roses IS OPEN for dinner on the 4th of July and they have an 8:15PM table availability on Open Table as I am typing this.

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    1. re: Servorg

      Yes, I saw it included as an available reservation on Open Table but called to be certain and was told that it wouldn't be open on the 4th. I actually made a reservation on Urbanspoon for Superba Snack Bar a few days ago, but now it isn't shown as open on the 4th. Neither of these sites seems to provide accurate information for this date, which is why I asked about other options.

      1. re: amydeastbay

        I called Tar & Roses and they told me that they are open for July the 4th. Call again. They may have changed their minds or you got someone who didn't know they were open.

        1. re: Servorg

          Thanks for checking. I did call again, and you're right: They are open. They also had more times available than shown on OpenTable. I'm not sure whether they changed their minds or the person I spoke with initially was misinformed, but now I'm all set.

    2. Where are you going to be in the LA area? Do you have access to a car?

      1. It might not meet your criteria for interesting, but we've also always had problems finding good spots open on the 4th...and have recently settled on Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. We've gone there on several 4ths. It may not be the greatest steak around, but it is open, serves consistently good food and drink and everyone always leaves happy. Just an idea!