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Jun 24, 2013 05:26 PM

Key West Grub & Drive to Key West from Naples

Hello All:

We will be driving to Key West from Naples later this summer.

I am looking for any food locations along the way to Key West and back. Taking our time there and back so looking for as many locations as possible.

Then, will be in Key West for 2 Days. Looking for great, local places for a good meal. Will need Lunch & Dinner. No Cuban food. Otherwise, love it all. Maybe a ice cream/treat place in there too.

Let's Start it Up!

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  1. Key West

    Garbo's Grill a street food vendor amazing fish tacos, shrimp burittos

    Paseo's Carribean - try the grilled corn

    Pisces - Seafood, Nice dinner a little pricey

    Black Fin Bistro - Steak and fish great little outside area to dine when it's great weather

    7 Fish - small but wonderful restaurant reservations required

    Better than Sex - fun late night dessert and drinks. Desserts are big enough to share

    must get a slice of Key Lime Pie or a Key lime tart

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    1. For icecream and gelatos try Flamingo Crossing on Duval. Amazing number of flavors. Ice cream is made there, I think, or at least its from a local supplier.

      On the trip down, or back, probably Key Largo is better area to stop for lunch. Many places along Rte 1. Lots of people like Mrs. Macs. But for good food in unfancy surroundings Puerta Vallarta Seafood just after the turn from Rte 5 to Rte1, before Largo Sound (look for a yellow trailer) is worth a stop.

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        Perfect! Any where else along the way or back that you think is worth a stop?

      2. In Islamorada I like Lazy Days around MM 89 Oceanside, In Marathon I like Keys Fisheries Bayside.I think you take 35th st..In Key Colony Beach I like Sparky's Landing.Take Sadowski Causeway Rd Off 1 oceanside,

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          Excellent...I like all of these ideas