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The Pearl restaurant and any near the area

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I will be staying in San Diego with my wife on our honeymoon in mid July at The Pearl hotel. Is their food/atmosphere at the restaurant any good? Any specialties to order? Are there any other decent restaurants within walking distance to eat at? We are adventurous eaters so any style, from an awesome bar burger or standout wings to Moroccan or Asian or fine dining? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. I've not eaten there, but I've had their food and can certainly recommend it. Fresh, inventive and unique.

    1. Check out my reply on the Tripadvisor board to your same question.Yes, food and vibe at Pearl Hotel is very good..

      1. Congrat's!

        Public Sessions
        Bali Hai in Shelter Island..mai tais and Ahi
        Brigantine happy hour in Shelter Island..fish tacos
        Tender Greens in Liberty Station
        Jimmy's Tavern
        Fathom on the pier at Shelter Island
        Point Loma Seafoods for lunch..scallop sandwich rocks
        Hit up a concert at Humphrey's..

        Take the water taxi around..
        Pearl is a cool, funky place with great food!


        1. Definitely try Bali Hai -- even if it's just for drinks at happy hour. Point Loma Seafood is good for lunch, and C-Level on Harbor Island is decent.

          1. Beach Chick has given you a great list and all of her recs are an easy walk/bike ride from The Pearl. My only additions would be Stone Brewery for some great local craft beer and Con Pane in Liberty Station for great cinnamon rolls and sandwiches. Supannee House of Thai on Shelter Island & Scott Street to satisfy your Asian cravings.
            Best wishes with your upcoming wedding!

            1. Went to Pearl last Friday after a longer time and even though it was good but not on the same level as with their original chef. Too many dishes were surprisingly uninspired and bland, e.g. roast duck or speck starter or had disappointing execution problems, e.g. kale salad with 64C egg which had not even hints of a running yolks. We still liked the ambience and the cocktails and some of the dishes and will be back but hope it was just one off-night

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                they usually do a good to very good burger.....I had a chicken dish that was good and they get a great loaf of bread from Con Pane (a loaf, almost shaped like a pretzel).

              2. Try...

                Harbor town (great burgers and Fireball..)
                Pomodoros.. (Great Italian..)
                Pizza Port in OB (Great Beers)

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                  Hi PRH!
                  Have you been to Pomodoro lately? Last two times we went food & service was awful. First bad experience we wrote off as an unlucky night, second time we decided we had given them a fair shot and wouldn't return - but it's been a few months. Maybe they've gotten their groove back.