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Jun 24, 2013 04:00 PM

Old kkakdugi - too sour to eat. Any ideas?

I have a ton (as in, about a gallon) of old kkakdugi that we haven't been able to eat as fast as my mom is bringing it over. Is it possible to make kkakdugi jjigae? Does anyone have any ideas for making use of it?

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  1. You could make jjigae, or braise some pork belly or pork shoulder chunks with it - add a little sugar, garlic, onion, water and just a little bit of liquid until the pork is really tender. Similar concept to a jjigae, but more like a true stew.

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      Thanks, that is a good idea. I will try it. I have some side pork and pork chops that could work nicely with it. (Pork belly is hard to find where I live.)

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        Or try chopping it up fine and cook it down in a pan with some sugar and add sesame oil. It's good on its own or mixed up with other stuff. You can always throw it into some fried rice.

    2. I love ut wuth fried rice...with lots of sesame oil...u pan fry the kakdugi first then add some rice.