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Jun 24, 2013 03:59 PM

Any Oakland Thai spots that serve Crispy Catfish with Green Mango Salad/Yam Pla-Duk Fu

I was in Anaheim where I had this fabulous dish and I'd love to find it closer to home. Thanks in advance.

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    1. Ruen Pair Authentic Thai Cuisine which is closed now was the only place that made that salad that I knew. It was not with Green Mango, but Green Apple.
      These seem to have it on their menu but I can not vouch for them.
      Soi4 Oakland
      Dara Thai Lao Cuisine Berkeley

      1. It's not in the East Bay, but closer than Anaheim. I've had the crispy catfish salad at Thai House Express (now House of Thai on Larkin. It is listed as containing lettuce and green apple--I haven't noticed green mango salads on many menus around here, which is surprising as I don't have much trouble buying green mangoes.

        1. Or if you venture into the City, Lers Ros though not with green mango.

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            Let me correct that . . . I had the catfish salad yesterday at Lers Ros Hayes and it included shreds of green mango (but lots more iceberg lettuce).