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Jun 24, 2013 03:08 PM

Wolf Dehydrater "Kit" - sub for the rubber stopper?

Hi all - lucky me purchased a home about 3 years ago w/a Wolf dual-fuel range. It has a dehydration function that I now want to use . . . looked up the accessory kit that Wolf sells and it looks like 3 wire mesh racks and some sort of rubber stopper to keep the door ajar.

I bought two oven-safe wire racks off Amazon for $8 (if you know Wolf, a screw might cost you $8) but I wonder what I should use for this stopper, and if, in fact, I need to keep the oven door ajar at all.

What're you thoughts?

Many thanks,


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  1. No experience with the Wolf but I have made many batches of jerky in my GE oven. The key to effective dehydration is low, dry heat. I put my oven on the lowest setting and then crack the door to aid in evaporation of moisture and to ensure that the food dries rather than cooks. You can use a silicone potholder to act as a wedge in the door. Depending on how low the lowest setting is on the Wolf, you may not need to crack the door, but I'd go with whatever their owner's manual suggests.

    Looking at the manual they say you should crack the door, but the dehydrate setting is 110 degrees, which is much lower than my oven's and should be fine without cracking the door. But just to be safe....

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      Txs. Ferret - I was thinking the same thing re 110 degrees - but the silicone potholder is genius. The little stopper looks to be silicone, anyway. I'm going to give that a go!


    2. Hi, gg:

      Maybe buy your self a bottle of wine and use the cork?


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          That was my thought too. Give us an update on how it all works, I have a Wolf too and would love to use the dehydrator but haven't been willing to pay for the stuff.

        2. Could you link to the racks you purchased? Did the silicone potholder work? I'm in the same boat! Thanks!

          1. I have same wolf range and was stupid enough to buy their dehydration kit and then lost the rubber stopper.
            I simply use a wooden spoon-works perfectly.
            Yes you need to keep oven door ajar to release humidity.
            Temp gets set between 110 and 135 degrees.
            Have dehydrated up to 7 hours with no problems.

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              Are the wire racks worth it at all? Are they the same size as the other racks or how are they used?

              1. re: thehappypig24

                Wondering the same thing about the racks. How many can you put in the oven at the same time?