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Jun 24, 2013 02:18 PM

Kauai Poipu dinners, some casual

Heading back to visit Kauai and stay in Poipu after 10 years and are excited! Planning to try Red Salt, Beachhouse and Merrimans for dinner but would like some good but more casual options too. I know Brenneckes is not necessarily a great one, but we do remember a fun location and very chill. Josellins Tapas looks kind of fun too. Any others?

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  1. Aloha..
    In Poipu, one of our fave's is Keoki's Paradise for happy hour drinks and pupu's..also, their stir fry w/chicken and veggies is huge and good to split.
    Roy's is in the same shopping center but its nothing like the one in HNL.

    Joselin's Tapas is good too.
    Hamura Saimin in Lihue is a must for lunch!
    Duke's for drinks and apps..
    Red Salt is excellent..

    See if Tiki Aniki is open in Princeville/'s Todd Rundgren's and his lovely wife, Michele's new bar..should be open very soon!

    Make sure you say Aloha to my fave resort Grand Hyatt Kauai..Dondero's is quite good (3-4 course meal for $50+ pp) and so is Stevenson's Library..not a fan of Tidepools..

    Have fun!

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    1. re: Beach Chick

      I had a fabulous meal at Dondero's (an Italian take on Beef Tenderloin, that ranked about #4 on my all-time list). Unfortunately, my wife's Osso Bucco was not up to par - dry, no flavor and very, very tough - that should never happen at a very nice Italian-themed restaurant.

      Really tough to comment - one great dish, and one mediocre dish.


    2. Dont miss Josselins. Jean Marie behind the stove cooks circles around Merrimans any day.

      1. E, Keena, Aloha:

        You say "back" to Kaua'i nei, so I'm gonna suggest Casa di Amici. Chef Randall is great . When he was doing his thing in Kilauea, it was magic--favorite place of Jess Jackson.

        Po'ipu's not such a great location, but the food's still very good, and very little pretension. Good place *not* to see the Aloha shirts that were sold that day...


        1. Great ideas! Any casual tiki type beach places on poipu? Sometimes these with a view of the ocean and a cocktail are the best dinners no matter what the food is.

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          1. re: keena

            Hi, keena:

            With the exception of Brenneke's, there isn't much in the way of "casual" with a view, outside of the big hotels. And tiki (being a 1960s faux take on Polynesian culture) doesn't play well in Hawai'i, even less so on Kaua'i.

            If you search this board for Kaua'i, you'll find several long, island-wide reviews of casual places (including mine from 2010). But I also encourage you to go explore. As you may remember from your last visit, some of the best food on Kaua'i can be found in unexpected, humble places.