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Jun 24, 2013 01:30 PM

Is it worth bringing fresh tortillas back to NYC?

So I'm in town the next couple days for work, staying at Westin Dallas Park central. I love making some good meat and then making tacos and burritos with it. But I don't really have the best access to fresh corn tortillas to perfect my food.

My question is: if I buy a bunch of fresh tortillas and then bring home to use the next day, then freeze probably in burrito form, do you think this completely defeats the purpose of getting the fresh tortillas to begin with?

Also, if not, where do you suggest I get these tortillas? Both taco and burrito?


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  1. For the best corn tortillas, I would recommend,
    Tortilleria la Nueva Fresh & Hot on Marsh Lane.

    For the best tamales, I like La Popular Tamale House in east Dallas.

    For the best flour tortillas I love the ones they make in house at Gonzalez Restaurant on W. Jefferson Avenue in Oak Cliff.

    For the best burritos, you can't beat La Victoria.

    1. the tortillas should be fine for a couple of days at room temperature and maybe a couple of weeks in the fridge as long as there's no condensation in the bag, which can happen if you buy them still warm. Of course, the texture suffers with refrigeration, so I'd say just eat them up fast.

      I don't have any experience with freezing tortillas. It might work for corn... divide them into usable stacks, double wrap with plastic and freeze. I'd have less confidence about the flour. I would not freeze them already wrapped around any filling (assuming that's what you meant by "in burrito form"). They'd probably get soggy upon thawing. You could probably get away with making enchiladas and freezing those, since the sauce makes them soggy anyway.

      twinwillow's tortilla suggestions are all good, although be advised that the flour tortillas at Gonzalez are quite thick - maybe 2-3x as thick as a normal flour tortilla. I really like the flour tortillas at Central Market as well.

      1. First of all corn tortillas do not come in burrito size...largest they come are in gorditas (similar to a papusa available at the Red Hook ball fields) which are thicker and just a slight bit large than taco size. I don't know many tortilla factories around town that make fresh burrito sized tortillas. I will have to rack my brain to think of some.

        Do you want flour, corn or both? I know you will only have one option for the burrito size and that is flour.

        We assume you have a car to get around because the public transportation is terrible here.

        Tamales - Tommy Tamale in Grapevine or Dona Lench in Irving

        I would agree with the corn from La Nueva if buying in bulk I think they are $3 per kilo?

        I go for the Central market flour, they have four (sometimes five) different flavors regular, wheat, butter and southwest. They occasionally have multigrain.

        If you want commercial corn or flour I would go to Central market and get the El Milagro brand.

        If you are in a time pinch the flour tortillas at Taco Cabana would suffice 4 for $1.00.

        1. I do not think this is worth the effort. There are places in NYC that make tortillas by hand (a quick yelp search will yield a number of them) and I highly doubt there's a dramatic difference. I used to live in NY and while I'm certain they are better (slightly) here, that won't be true after a couple of days sitting in a bag and certainly not true after freezing them.

          So, to your question, it would defeat the purpose. Now, if you're interested in eating good Mexican food while you're here, the places already recommended are very worthwhile. I would add Estilo Hidalgo as my favorite corn tortilla. They're only open on Sat/Sun for lunch and specialize in lamb barbacoa. Also, Cuquitas, a local chain, has very good corn tortillas.

          1. I would agree with others that Nueva Fresh and Hot has delicious tortillas. Alternatively, making corn tortillas by hand on your own is a (not terribly difficult) option, and you can guarantee freshness! Then again, it is harder if you want lots of them...