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Jun 24, 2013 12:11 PM

Fun in Providence near Renaissance Hotel

My wife and I are staying at the Renaissance Hotel next Friday and are looking for a fun restaurant within walking distance. Planning on having a few drinks, so we will not be bringing a car. Of course a cab is always an option if there is a can't miss that's not walking distance.

Price is no object, just not in the mood for a "fancy" restaurant. Definitely looking for fun/casual. Any type of food except Thai (just because we eat a lot of it). Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.

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  1. For a lunch, it'll be hard to beat a rocket pizza and perhaps some coal-fire chicken wings at Providence Coal Fire Pizza.

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    1. re: Clams047

      Forgot to mention I was looking for dinner, but that does sound like a nice lunch. Maybe we'll squeeze that in before we head back home on Saturday. Thanks!

    2. Nothing wrong with having that pizza and wings for dinner!

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      1. Fat Belly's Pub is fun, if you like sports. Lots of tvs, large selection of beers to chose from, pretty good pub food, in an historic old building. If you are looking for betterfood that's unique or different I'd go more for North or Broadway Bistro. Less of a bar scene, though.

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          I've never been to fat belly's in providence, but have been to the east Greenwich one a few times. Definitely a solid place.

          Going to take a closer look at north and broadway bistro. I thought they both looked interesting, but wasn't sure if they were really walkable.

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            I think either of those are great options. It doesn't look like either of them take reservations. What kind if wait would I expect walking in on a Friday night?

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              friday night will definitely have a wait at north unless you get there at like 6:30 probably. the nice thing about that place is you can walk across the street to the avery for a drink and north will call your cell when your table is ready.

              broadway bistro is a bigger than north so if it's just two people you may luck into a table without much of a wait, or if you don't mind eating at the bar(s), that is another option.

              1. re: wormwood

                Awesome! I think we'll be happy at either one. Eating at the bar is no problem for us.

                Thanks to everyone for the help.

                1. re: donovt

                  The last time I was there, it looked like North was actually taking reservations. It might be worth giving them a call to see.

                  1. re: donovt

                    North does take reservations (or at least it did for my wife and I last month).

                    1. re: Frobisher

                      Oh no! There's no "reservation" link on their website, and clicking on "contact us" only brings you to an email address. So, I just assumed there were no reservations.

                      Hmmmm.....does anyone have any experience going there without reservations? The more my wife and I have talked about it, the more excited we've been to go there. There are a bunch of reasons why it'll be tough to nail down a time until day of.

                      1. re: donovt

                        We've been about 4 times, and we've never had a reservation. We tend to go on the early side though (6-7), just to be safe. Once we sat at the bar, but the bartender was nice to chat with, so we didn't mind. The thing to keep in mind is that North seats maybe 20 people. It is petit. You might have to stand around for a bit and wait, but they'll fix you drinks or, like wormwood said, you can go to the Avery across the street. You won't be sorry --the Avery is awesome and North is well worth a wait!

                        1. re: RhodyRedHen

                          Thanks for the reassurance!! No problem waiting, or sitting at the bar, or waiting in a different bar.

          2. Within walking distance of your hotel, I love Thee Red Fez. Flan Y Ajo on Westminster is tiny and BYOB. A link to other ideas. You don't have to go all the way to the West Side...plenty to eat and drink in your immediate area (and that's from a West Sider!). There are a couple of really interesting bars tucked in here and there - you gotta seek 'em out but that's part of the fun!




            1. I second digga's recommendation of Flan y Ajo. Also consider Birch. It just opened, but it's supposed to be great.
              Although there's no reason to necessarily leave downtown, my favorite dining of the moment is North, hidden away on the West Side. Red Fez is very good, bar atmosphere, but I tend to want their food more in the winter for some reason...Still, worth hitting up the bar after dinner to get a taste of the local scene. Food at AS220 on Empire is casual vegetarian and a fun atmosphere.
              For amazing drinks, I can't recommend the Eddy highly enough. I like to go by before dinner for an aperitif, before it gets too busy.

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              1. re: RhodyRedHen

                Thanks for all the suggestions everyone!

                For now we are leaning towards North. The menu looks very interesting. Who knows, if the weather isn't cooperating or we just aren't up for a long walk, it's good to have options.

                We're in Rhode Island about four or five times a year. So, whatever we miss this trip we'll be sure to catch another time.