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Jun 24, 2013 11:52 AM

Frozen drinks - blender vs freezer

When having a crowd over in the summer, I find it hard to keep up with blending frozen drinks. I want to make them in advance. My question is do the drink come out better if I blend them in advance and dump them in a container in the freezer than if I just mix them and freeze them in a container not using ice/blender?

Typically, I use ice, juice concentrate, vodka and sometimes a liqueur and blend it. If I did the freezer technique, it would just be juice, vodka and liqueur. I typically use enough alcohol that freezing solid wouldn't happen.

I am interested if there is a difference in texture between the 2 methods.

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  1. Unless you want all your guests to pass out you need the ice/water from blending to lower the strength, and make the drinks more palatable.

    Batch up the drink in advance and put in a bottle, then add to to blender with ice and blend at time of service. Don't chill the batched drink and keep at room temp.

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      They both would have the exact same contents. It would just be substituting water for ice in the freezer version.

    2. My family strawberry daiquiri recipe is made in advance; I typically store it in one of those plastic gallon ice cream buckets. It works well...sometimes a little icy. I typically set it out on the counter and scoop it into glasses as we need it.