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Jun 24, 2013 11:44 AM

4-7 PM drinks/snacks with a group, btw. 14th-42nd E train stops?

I've got a group of 8-10 people that will be converging in that area on a Wednesday in July. The key criteria are:

1. not too noisy
2. moderately priced
3. able to handle a nebulous group (I'm not sure of the exact number, and people in this crew are apt to wander in late)
4. good beer

We are fairly agnostic on location, within the parameters given in the post title. For me, closer to Penn Station is better, but I know that the area is something of a wasteland. I am thinking that west or south would be more fruitful, and would love suggestions.

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  1. Fits only criteria 4 and 3 and depending on what is going on from 4-7 maybe 1, the backyard of the Cannibal. I don't find it to be too far a walk from Penn Station, but you have 8-10 people who may disagree. Additionally there is not really any way that you could call the prices moderate. The newer Tir na Nog on 39th would work, but also not really cheap, huge space and pretty good but not really creative beer list should not be too loud before the evening gets going. Rattle n Hum and Pony Bar have good beer and moderate price but might be a little on the loud side. Both are walkable from, but not adjacent to the E.

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    1. re: Alan Henderson

      Thanks for your reply. Cannibal is definitely too far from Penn for this purpose, unfortunately. I had contemplated Tir na Nog (didn't know they had a 39th St. location!) but I do think the beer list is really dull. And I'd also contemplated Rattle n Hum but it is a zoo at happy hour. Never been to Pony Bar, so maybe someone can comment on the noise level?

      I might be willing to drink more pedestrian beer if I can get criteria 1-3 covered.

    2. Not especially classy, but cheap and casual with a great roof area is "beer authority" on 8th ave and 41st, right hy port authority. Earlier in the evening will help with noise levels...

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      1. re: Ttrockwood

        That looks excellent, thank you! I think we may have found what we are looking for. Never heard of this place before (probably because I never hang around in Times Square)--looks very promising.

        1. re: travelmad478

          I've been there once, at around 6:30 on a weeknight. It was chock full of shout-y suit guys & gals and very, very loud.The beer selection is good, and the food's okay (I had a roasted vegetable sandwich). I didn't go to the roof, though; that might be a lot more pleasant.

          1. re: small h

            I think the roof would be my choice, although on a nice day that might be just as loud as the inside. We'll be starting around 4, so maybe we'd be able to park ourselves in a location that minimized noise. Hm. Any other suggestions?

            I wish Rattle & Hum were not so loud or I'd just go straight there.

            1. re: travelmad478

              Friday at 4pm shouldn't be an issue at RnHum. It's not crowded then and if they still abide by how these used to do things, you can call and have them reserve off some tables for you. We used to do this all the time...Beer Authority is the same management as RnHum. I haven't been but heard mixed reports.

              1. re: Silverjay

                Thanks. Actually it will be a Wednesday (not sure if that makes much of a difference, but still). I'm not really worried about getting a table, considering we'll be arriving there before the crowds--it's more about the noise level. This is a group that wants to talk..without screaming. I think the outdoor seating is a plus on that, so for the moment Beer Authority is still ahead by a nose.

                1. re: travelmad478

                  Whoops, you said Wed in your OP...Maybe too far afield, but Birreria has good beer and nice outdoor seating with a view.

              2. re: travelmad478

                Everything I can think of has at least one potential problem for your group. I'd go to East of Eighth, which has a nice little separate bar area, but I don't remember the beer list being anything special (they have Blue Moon, is all I can tell you).


                Little Town would have been PERFECT. Except the W. 46th St. location closed.


                1. re: small h

                  I'll call East of Eighth and see whether this will work for them. It seems like more of a reservation-y kind of place, but maybe they can handle us.

                  1. re: travelmad478

                    The bar room is definitely for walk-ins. It's on a separate floor from the restaurant. Only thing is, I'm not 100% sure you can get food there. I don't remember seeing anyone eating when I was there last a couple of months ago.

        2. The Tippler under Chelsea Market could be an option.