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Jun 24, 2013 11:01 AM

Rooftop in Rome

My family and I are arriving in Rome next week. I am looking for a suggestion of a rooftop location for a pre-dinner cocktail preferably near the Spanish Steps. My wife & I have been to the little bar area just to the left of the top of the Spanish Steps so we would like to try another location. Any hotels, possibly? Grazie.

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  1. look to the right and you will see some prior disccussions of this question

    1. Your description is a 100% description of the new all'oro, or rather, its 0-300 part.

      1. There is also the Eden, as well as the Minerva (a bit of a walk, but worth it)

        I love the Forum hotel for it's views, but that may be too far for you.