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Jun 24, 2013 10:34 AM

thoughts on Luchento's or Brioso's?

in freehold/marlboro area?
any other recommendations for something good, and above average?

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  1. I am very fond of Brioso's.....My family averages maybe 2-3 visits a year over the last 10-12 years. Over the years I have found the kitchen to be consistent, I enjoy there seafood dishes, as well as their risotto of the day. On the weekends
    I like to order there hot and cold antipasto sampler appetizers before my entrees
    I have also found there service to be consistently good...however there are times the staff does get overwhelmed. My last visit was around 6-7 months ago...for the last 4-5 years I hold my business X-mas party there.
    There was a power outage along Rt. ( from Old Bridge to Freehold)
    They worked hard to accommadate us. But I felt something was different from my visits in past. They were missing some familiar faces in the front of the house and I just didn't enjoy the food as much.... can't really explain it ,...maybe it was an off night and the power outage and long wait for food put me in a bad mood. Aside from that it I feel the environment and quality of the meals create good fair value for what they charge. It is BYOB and that is a big plus for my personal taste.

    I have been to Luchento's 2-3 times over last few years since it reopened....I am very ambivalent about it.
    I would not choose or recommend Luchento's as It just doesn't stand out to me. However If a friend insisted on meeting there I don't have a problem going as I find nothing offensive about it.

    1. 100% brioso over luchento's. luchento's used to be a go-to restaurant that has gone completely downhill in the last couple of years.

      1. this board show zero love or consideration for Luchento....perhaps you should look elsewhere for reviews.

        I've made positive comments on the old Luchento....and still others disagreed....discounting what I had to say based on old feelings and opinions

        I have not been to the reincarnation, so I cannot help you with a recent opinion.

        1. Had been going to Brioso for years. The quality has eroded, and now it seems they do you a favor serving you, especially one of the waiters, David, who thinks his S_ _ t doesn't smell and he's better than you are. I would avoid Brioso and try other local places. Pino's (right near Brioso) is very good, has a nice atmosphere, and a newcomer in the area, Café Spezio, while it has no atmosphere, has very good food.