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Jun 24, 2013 10:27 AM

Any decent Asian supplies supermarkets in Abbotsford ?

Relatives coming into town in July, will be staying at a hotel in Abbotsford (near Sumas Way & Marshall Rd) for a week. They'll be looking for places that sell Asian foods (packaged, deli, ready-to-eat). I don't know if they'll have a rental car or not.

Abby is not within my purview of food shopping let alone local travels. Any recs would be most appreciated :-)

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  1. I don't know about the fruiticana, but the Chinese Tea and Pan Asian places are "ok" in the lowest sense of the word. They have some asian ingredients but are nothing like a TnT or H-Mart. Ok in a pinch though.

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      Thanks Jzone. Seems to be bit of a food desert out there :-( Maybe I'l scope 'em out in advance to gather intel for the relatives. I can see a potential welcome wagon with a big T&T haul from the Guildford store !

      I also looked up Abby's Chinese restos out there, haven't seen so many names with "garden", "dragon", "wok" and "bamboo" since the '70s in Vancouver. Ok, sorry for showing the urban snob in me.

      This one sure is intriguing (ok my last sardonic reference in this thread):

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          Another note is my favorite Indian resto is in Abby. ( Everything is good and the cliche butter chicken is the best I've had. Cheers

      1. if they have a rental car, i like shopping at Lepps for meat and fresh vegetables, fruit, etc.

        I don't know if they have Asian products - I've never looked.