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Jun 24, 2013 10:10 AM

any thoughts on JUST? (in old bridge)?

Looking for a nice/good restaurant in freehold area, for dinner "after graduation". any thoughts on something a bit "special"? looking for about 20 minutes away, not as far as Red Bank, not as far as Shore towns......

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  1. Since you appear to be close to OB (which really has nothing a bit 'special'), why not take #79 into Matawan and onto Keyport just a couple of minutes beyond?

    You've got a couple of great options in Drew's Bayshore Bistro and Nemo's (Asian/Sushi) to enjoy that special occassion. Either of these two spots will fit the bill for the evening you envision.

    1. Only been to Just one time. Really enjoyed appetizers and desserts. Mains were fine, but did not stand out. I think its worth checking out for a graduation celebration.

      1. I found Just special in atmosphere but ordinary in food. A bit expensive too.

        If you are after full flavor, look elsewhere, but if you are good with style over substance, everything looks beautiful and they have all the standards.