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Jun 24, 2013 09:58 AM

Top Restaurants - Lunch eating alone options [London]

I'll be in London for about a week, attending my husband's graduation from his masters program. I want to take the opportunity to sample around the best of the best in london, and I'll mostly use lunchtime to do it, and will be by myself. What suggestions do people have? Assuming I can get a reservation, I was going to make sure I tried Ledbury and St John. Are there certain restaurants that are better for a lone diner?

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  1. London is used to solo diners - many of us visit the capital for business reasons.

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      Can you walk in to places like Ledbury, Square or Restaurant Gordon Ramsay for lunch? Toptable shows no tables... Wasn't sure if there were bar areas in any of them or not that would allow walk-ins...

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        No - very unlikely to have walk-ins - they are tricky reservations and probably do pretty good lunch trades that fill them up. If you call you may get a last minute cancellation. And to my knowledge no bars to eat at.

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          Bars to eat at are pretty uncommon here. Just not our culture, I suppose.

          I wouldnt bet on being able to get a walk-in at any of the better places. Couldnt be sure though, I always make a booking if a place takes them.

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            I would argue that bar dining is becoming more and more common in London. london-eating has a good, but not exhaustive, list of restaurants with bars you can eat at: http://www.london-eating.co.uk/occasi...

            The OP might also like their solo dining list: http://www.london-eating.co.uk/occasi...

            For places like The Ledbury and St John, you would still need to book ahead. The high-end places are used to business people and solo travellers so you won't feel uncomfortable.

            If you wanted a more relaxed, less 'fine dining' lunch at some point, places that spring to mind are Spuntino, Salt Yard, Opera Tavern, Mele e Pere, Bocca di Lupo, Hawksmoor, Jose, and maybe one of the new Jason Atherton places (Little Social and Social Eating House).