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Jun 24, 2013 09:35 AM

King Crab Legs Available?

Hello everyone! Does anyone know where I can get some king crab legs in Northern NJ (Parsippany/ Wayne area)? Are they even in season? Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. I should mention to cook at home, not necessarly a restaurant. Thanks!

    1. Since they are a frozen product, they should be available everywhere.

      1. Wegmans, Sam's Club & Costco carry them in our area. I'm sure others do as well (Whole Foods, local seafood shops, etc.)

        Wegmans has 5lb boxes (frozen) or loose in the seafood case. Sam's Club typically has 3lb bags in the open freezer case, 5lb boxes in the bulk freezers and some stores sell them loose.

        Note, of late they have both been Russian sourced. These are typically about $5/lb less than US sourced king crab. I'd pay more if I could find the US sourced legs. To me they taste "fresher" even though they're frozen.

        1. I would not recommend most supermarkets, as they tend to be of inferior quality and are price prohibitive. If you could gain access to Costco, then contact them to see when they will be available through their Seafood Roadshow events. The good thing about that is you can pick out exactly which pieces you want. Last, if you can gain access to The Restaurant Depot in Pine Brook, you can purchase them frozen there.

          1. The grocery stores carry them.