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Jun 24, 2013 08:26 AM

Suggestions for a Milwaukee/Chicagoan relocated to Jackson, MS

My son has just moved to Jackson and I am trying to find some good local restaurants for him to try. I thought that I would compile a bunch of gift certificates for him. He is 22 and likes good fish, steak, and ethnic food. Would love to have any suggestions that you locals can give me! I can certainly reciprocate with suggestions for Milwaukee/Chicago!


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  1. Here are a few places; I hope someone will chime in with more! Nick's, Sal & Mookie's Pizza, Saigon Restaurant in Flowood, Hickory Pit BBQ, Jerry's Catfish House in Florence, the takeout fried chicken & sides at McDade's Market grocery store in Maywood Mart (Northside Drive), Cups for coffee, Cock of the Walk in Ridgeland for catfish.

    I hope these suggestions help!

    1. I'm new to Mississippi - in the process of moving from Los Angeles to Clarksdale. I stopped in Jackson yesterday and today and had two very good meals.

      Mayflower Cafe, 123 W Capitol St, is old-fashioned, simple, good southern seafood. Last night I had grouper - which was one of the specials of the night. It was perfectly grilled with a butter, lemon, worcestershire sauce.

      For lunch there was a big surprise. I went to Mr. Chen's Chinese restaurant I lived in Hong Kong for 9 years so I wasn't expecting much. But it was very good. I had xiao long bao - they call them small steamed buns on the menu - and they were very good. I also had perfectly cooked, very fresh pea shoots (one of the only times I've ever had greens in the south without hamhocks.) The rest of the menu is a mix of Americanized and some authentic Chinese food, but there is obviously someone who really knows what they are doing in the kitchen. The Asian market that is also part of the restaurant is also very good.

      I have heard great things about Parlor Market but it was closed last night so I couldn't try it. It is also quite upmarket.

      I'm looking forward to coming back to Jackson for further exploration, so I'm hoping someone with a lot more knowledge than me continues this thread.