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Jun 24, 2013 08:16 AM

ISO unpasteurized heavy cream in Boston area

Having a tea and thought I would make the clotted cream. The recipe specifically calls for unpasteurized heavy cream. Any ideas of where to find it? TIA.

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  1. Actually what I need is not ultra-pasteurized heavy cream but if I could get totally unpasteurized I would be happy. TIA

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    1. re: AGM_Cape_Cod

      Based on info from some of the "raw milk" threads that have come up here before, raw (unpateurized) cream does not appear to be legal to sell in Massachusetts.

      High Lawn Farms' heavy cream is pasteurized but apparently not ultra-pasteurized, and is available at Russo's and Whole Foods.

      1. re: Allstonian

        no idea how comprehensive this list is, but as i said, you need to buy direct from a dairy. it cannot be sold in stores.

        1. re: Allstonian

          I can recommend High Lawn heavy cream. It is distinctly different from the ultra-pasteurized heavy creams that are readily available - it is thicker, yellower, and has a great taste.

          1. re: Splendid Spatula

            High Lawn is delicious. Makes fabulous whipped cream, too. I made salted caramel sauce with High Lawn the first time and it was sublime. The second time, I used Hood and it was good, but just not as rich as with the High Lawn.

            1. re: bear

              High Lawn is awesome. It is qualitatively better than most other heavy creams, and seems much easier to cook with - it reduces faster, and whips better, in addition to having actual flavor. I've heard Wright's Dairy has different types of cream and milk of varying pasteurization levels (or maybe it's just not homogenized, can't remember)

        2. re: AGM_Cape_Cod

          Richardson's Ice Cream ( sells pasteurized, not-ultra-pasteurized, heavy cream at their dairy in Middleton. They may also have it, or be able to get it on request, at their outpost in Jordan's Furniture, Reading.

          I'm a big fan of High Lawn Farm in Lenox, and their pasteurized, not-ultra-pasteurized, heavy cream can be found in Whole Foods and Wegman's.

          Should you need large quantities, both Richardson's and High Lawn can supply half-gallon containers of heavy cream on request.

        3. raw milk/cream can only be purchased privately from dairy farmers and very few offer raw.

          i get organic grass-fed from shaw farms and it is not ultra-pasteurized. is also delicious. :) have used it successfully for creme fraiche.

          i am near enough to dracut that i can buy direct, but it's around in some retail outlets too.

          1. Three's a farm down near Foxboro - Lawton's Family Farm I think - that used to sell raw milk, at least last time I checked. You have to sign something stated you are aware of risks. Don't know if they sell cream, thought they just sold whole milk.


            1. trader joe's carries pasteurized heavy cream @ $2.49/pint.

              1. the closest place selling raw dairy is Tuscan Market in Salem, NH when it's available:


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                1. re: Karl S

                  You can get raw dairy a little closer in West Newbury, MA at Artichoke Dairy Farm 978-499-8600, ask for Bruce to see what he has. Bring a cooler too.