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Jun 24, 2013 07:41 AM

Cape May NJ week of 7/1

Austinite off to Cape May for the 4th of July week. 1st time in Cape May. In need of recommendations for casual and fine dining. 6 adults, two toddlers.
Many thanks,

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  1. Here you go pardner (though that may not be totally on the mark for an Austinite). There's a few threads which essentially touches on much of the dining scene.

    or a slightly older one here...

    didn't see this one mentioned, but you should also consider 410 Bank St. Lucky Bones (near the entrance into town near the marina is a place that is owned by one of my associates in the CM office - I've dined there and it's quite good for all of the family).

    One of my favorites and it's a 15 minute ride out of town (north) is the Main St. Cafe, in Cape May Courthouse (can be combined with a trip into nearby Stone Harbor (on the ocean).

    Also on weekend mornings in CM, there's fresh organic bread to be had on Sunset Ave. (on the way to the Lighthouse) at a little farmstand. Get there early (they open at 8 and there's a line already formed - they do sell out quickly).

    If this is your first visit into CM, I'm sure you'll enjoy everything about the town.

    1. Perfect! Many thanks for this.