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Best eats in Gaithersburg and Rockville??

I am spending the summer in this area and would like to build up a good list of restaurants from fine to casual - all cuisines. Any recommendations? Especially a great sushi restaurant. Thank you!

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  1. Joe's Noodle House for Sichuan. Extremely long menu; lots of recs found on this board via searching.

    Mama's Dumplings/China House is great for... dumplings!

    American fare on the nicer side is Addie's, across from White Flint Mall in an old house.

    There was brewpub/restaurant in oldtown G-Burg that I think is still going. I remember it being decent enough, but that's a few years ago.

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      Growler's? There's also Hershey's in Washington Grove in another old house. Great fried chicken, steamed shrimp and cheap drinks. Definitely casual. The Taco Bar next to the Washingtonian Chevron is a good one; just a few tables and mostly for take-out.

    2. Hinode - Rockville; sushi
      Pho 75 - Rockville
      New Fortune - Gaithersburg; Dim Sum (weekends)
      O'Donnell's - Gaithersburg; seafood
      Red Rooster - Damascus; fried chicken
      Jimmie Cone - Damascus; soft serve ice cream
      South Street Steaks - Gaithersburg; cheesesteaks
      Il Porto - Gaithersburg; casual Italian (get the white pizza)

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        Have you been to Red Rooster recently? I used to love this place but the last time I was there (probably 2-3 yrs ago) it was so dreadful I was shocked. I had hoped it was a fluke off-day for them. They used to get more mentions and more love here, but I haven't seen mention in quite some time. Just curious on recent reports.

        1. I stay in Gaithersburg but my list tends toward Germantown:
          Dogfish Head, Alicia's Mexican Grill, Il Porto, Rainbow Sushi, Sabai Sabai Simply Thai.
          Tracyyyy send me an email and I'll send you my list.

          1. The area you are asking about is rather spread out, so I’m going to assume you’ll have a car. I don’t think you’ll find many “fine dining” choices in the area. My recommendations are from being a long time resident in Rockville/Gaithersburg with a very low budget – so probably all are lunch ideas.

            Rockville is lately considered the Chinatown of the DC area, so you can consider:
            Joe’s Noodles (order the Sichuan dishes – several threads here on what to order)
            Bob’s Noodle 66 – (Taiwanese – also search for a recent thread)
            Sichuan Jin River
            East Pearl (Cantonese)
            Mama’s Dumplings
            A&J – northern Chinese dim sum (not the cart style)
            I know there are a couple of new places that are getting notice, but I haven’t been so I hope someone will jump in and recommend them.

            Crisp and Juicy – Peruvian chicken.

            Taco Bar - on the edge of the Washingtonian/Rio area, attached to a gas station, but top notch tortas and tacos. Don’t go on a rainy day because almost all the seating is outside.

            Hard Times – a chili place, but I think their grilled wings and burgers are their strong point. They run special discount days, and it’s a very friendly, sports bar place to hang out.

            Moby Dick – kebabs, delicious rice, and the Ghormeh Sabzi special on Friday is one of my favorites.

            If you are in the Rockville city center at lunch time, Giuseppe’s has a lunch special for 2 slices of pizza and a drink for $5. If you are a bit south on Rockville Pike, Pizza CS has a more artisan style pizza.

            If you like Indian food, Nirvana and Bombay Bistro are both popular.

            York Castle for great ice cream.

            I know there are more!

            1. Niwano Hana in the Wintergreen Shopping Center for sushi and tempura dishes.

              La Limena in the Ritchie Center for Peruvian dishes beyond but also including pollo ala brasa.

              1. I like El Mariachi in the strip center just north of Ritchie Parkway/First street. Located in the back corner.
                In the casual category. The Queso Fundido appetizer with Chiroza is very tasty, & the house salsa make for a good start.
                The Brazilian Salad is also great with the house made yellow dressing that comes on the side.
                Seafood Enchilada was one of my favorite main coarses.

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                  That seafood enchilada is a family favorite.

                2. Two of my favorites in Gaithersburg:

                  1. Paradise Pointe Biryani: great Indian Biryanis and other nice chicken dishes (veg too). It's a chain but it's really good!

                  2. Tortacos: nice tacos and tortas

                  1. Temari Cafe. Skip the sushi, go for the katsu, curry, grilled fish, and "hambaagu."

                    1. Not much in the way of fine dining and you've got lots of good recs for casual/ethnic already. To this list, I would add Addie's and Black Market Bistro (both part of the Black Restaurant Group), which I no longer go to for reasons unrelated to the caliber of the food. However, I can certainly recommend them as very good in terms of the food - quality ingredients, imaginative preparations, solid cooking. I would also add La Canela, a wonderful Peruvian restaurant in the Rockville Town Center.

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                        +1 for La Canela. Had a fabulous meal there a few months back.

                      2. Taco Bar and Tortacos for great tacos. Don't be put off by the fact that Taco Bar is in a gas station.

                        Dogfish Head and Growlers for brewpubs.

                        Rainbow African restaurant for Ghanese.

                        There are like 15 pollo places around here; try them all and pick your favorite.

                        Addie's for fine dining, and then go to Hank Dietle's for the last dive bar experience left in Montgomery County.

                        Kielbasa Factory in Rockville for great...you guessed it....kielbasa.

                        Sabai Sabai and Thai House are both reliable Thai.

                        Pho 75 and Pho Nam both do good pho, and Pho and Grill does good simple Vietnamese (pho, rolls, grilled meat type of thing).

                        La Canela for upscale Peruvian, Cebiche House for downscale Peruvian.

                        Mama's Dumplings not only has amazing dumplings, it also has really good Americanized Chinese food for when you're craving the General Tso's.

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                          Hank Dietl's isn't a dive bar. It's a beer joint. Hershey's is a dive bar. Roy's is a fancy dive bar; somewhat more expensive but a dive all the same. There are still plenty of beer joints and dive bars over in eastern MoCo, so take heart.

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                            Hank's is definitely a dive bar. I have no idea what a "beer joint" is supposed to be. Hersey's and Roy's (before it closed) were restaurants with dive-y bars.

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                              Well, here it is: Dive bar has liquor, beer joint is beer only.

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                                Roy must have passed. He was way up in years. Great guy.

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                              Thanks for mentioning Dietles.
                              A Montgomery Co Institution of sorts.
                              I was in there drinking beer the day MoCo law changed from 21 to 18. All the resident regulars frowned at my youthful group of18 year old rookie drinkers with some obvious disdain.

                              Re food. You could get some truly delicious cold cut subs at Hanks back in the late 70's & into the early 80's.
                              I can't recall the last time I visited this hole in the wall, but I'm kind of glad to hear it is still in business.

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                                You can also get a fried baloney sandwich. Places like Hank's are vanishing institutions in the metropolitan area.

                            3. Dining in this area has gotten a lot better :-)

                              Try Quench in Rockville for fun small plates and delicious cocktails.

                              Thai House in Montgomery Village makes awesome curry.

                              I've seen several people mention Taco Bar and Tortacos already. They are both awesome!

                              Yoshiya is a nice sushi place with a long list of creative special rolls.

                              Cava is great for Greek small plates.

                              1. Some really terrific food can be found at Sugo and Cava, by the same owners, Sugo is Italian and Cava is Greek. Another place for very good Italian is Amici Mei.
                                I heard that Quench is a good bar with delicious food as well.

                                1. Another one that I really enjoy is Mykonos. OK, so the clientele can skew old, but who cares? Lovely outdoor seating area - it is on a wide sidewalk but they built a pergola and half wall and lattice enclosure with vines and big flower pots so it doesn't feel like most sidewalk seating. Inside is pretty even though cliche Greek scenes. The food is great - especially if you like fresh fish, simply prepared. There is a sampling appetizer for two that is fantastic. Service is good - maybe a little rushed sometimes. But everyone really makes you feel welcomed.

                                  1. I'll second on Cava in Traville Gateway, but add Sushi Oishii across the street from Cava. This place has some really nice suchi. A little on the expensive side, but they have some really good lunch deals.

                                    1. Pacifica Cafe in Gaithersburg is the area's top spot for Shanghainese cuisine. Battered fish with seaweed and tofu wraps are among the highlights. Focus on the Shanghai specialties.