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Jun 24, 2013 07:23 AM

Portuguese egg tarts: where do you get yours?

I was intrigued to read on kitsilano.com that Café Bica by GIsle does pasteis de nata. A good one of these is hard to come by, especially on the west side, so I'm looking forward to trying. Where else do you get your Portuguese egg tart on in Vancouver?

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  1. TnT-although they aren't quite what they once were.

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    1. re: Sam Salmon

      Yup, T&T has 'em. 'Tho I don't buy 'em often enough, in fact rarely, and only if I wanted a change from regular egg tarts.

      Other places:

      Michelle Cake Shop in Kerrisdale (W. Blvd)

      Universal Bakery (Rupert @ 22nd) - they're Portuguese bakery.

      How about that Portuguese place (Agave ?) on 12th & Commercial (around the corner from Banditas) ? Maybe they have them too.

    2. Toronto...

      In all seriousness, the best I've found in my hood is Fortuna Bakery on Hastings (Burnaby) but they don't compare to the ones that can be had back east.

      Perhaps I will give Universal a shot...not a fan of T&T's.

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      1. Union Market has them but I have not sampled.

        1. The best would be Michelle Cake Shop in Kerrisdale (W. Blvd)

          1. GE, did you try them at Cafe Bica yet? Will be back in town over Xmas with the Portuguese fiance (yeah me!) in tow and looking forward to some good Portuguese egg tarts. GIsle is conveniently located for me.

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            1. re: bdachow

              Pretty positive that Bica buys theirs from one of the Asian bakeries. Not made in house.
              I do enjoy them there though but not the best (probably because they aren't warm from the oven ;).

              1. re: eatrustic

                I love warming them up in the oven. So good baked.

              2. re: bdachow

                Never did get around to it, but I'd trust eatrustic :-). Drop me a line, bda, if you're going to be in the hood though and maybe we can test them out! Wrong time of year, but Bica does an excellent cold brewed coffee.