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Jun 24, 2013 06:33 AM

Summer Travel Road Trip Provisions

So I have a 30 hour train trip coming up and have been scratching my head on what to bring with me. There is a dinning car so its not the end of the world I just prefer home made food for health/diet reasons. So any suggestions are welcome here, food and drink ideas welcome.

But to keep this topic more broad and interesting lets open it up to all road trips or long distance travel since it is summer.

So the rules:
#1 - Heat resistant, meaning it wont melt or spoil.
#2 - Not messy to eat or ways to eat them non messily.
#3 - Semi Healthy

Thank you all for your participation. This is my first topic post so bare with any mistakes so far.

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  1. Count me in as interested as we are heading north to Canada and I want to eat on the road so we get there without too many stops.

    When we did train trips, I would pack picnic lunches to eat on the train. I may be a little more "daring" when it comes to room temp food. Our trips were just a couple hours from door to door. Items I would take -

    Shrimp - steamed and peeled or in a citrus based cold salad
    various cheeses and breads with grapes and sliced apples or pears
    pepperoni, coppa and other cured meats
    oil based pasta salad with diced veggies and parm cheese
    Good nut mix

    1. Cold homemade fried chicken tenders
      Pasta salad
      Chicken salad
      Frozen fruit (grapes, apple slices, pear slices, orange slices, etc)

      1. I like to pack a deconstructed salad (no refrigeration needed if kept out of the sun) -- argula (ready to eat), chick peas, edemame, pickled beets, hard-cooked egg, toasted sunflower seeds -- so tasty & no salad dressing needed -- slab of foccacia is a nice accompaniment. No