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Jun 24, 2013 05:25 AM

Distillery District Saturday night ... which of the restos is best?

Will be attending the theatre and want a pleasant dinner before.

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  1. This comes up fairly often, here's a not-so-old thread:

    I'm with the general consensus which is to either visit Weezies just a bit north at King and Power (definitely make reservations: or Pure Spirits within the Distillery itself.

    I would recommend avoiding the Mill St brewpub/beerhall for your purposes as they are hectic with mediocre food. The Boiler House restaurant has closed as it is currently being converted into a Mexican restaurant. Tappo seems to get pretty mixed reviews, though I've never been myself.

    1. Weezies is really medicre to poor. Underseasoned lamb pot au feu is hopelessly small portion. Oversalted breaded chicken paillard is a shadow of its former glory a few years ago. Either the chef smokes or has no taste buds. Poor, slow, uncaring service.

      1. Gilead Cafe. Perhaps not Jamie Kennedy in his hey day, but still very, very good...and far better than anything in a 2 km radius.

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          I think you are correct WillinTO. This is likely the best option within walking distance. Don't eat in the Distillery is my only other advice.