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Jun 23, 2013 10:01 PM

Good Comfy place for Bday Gift - Loved LeGourmand, Tilth

My partner is really put off by pretension. She has really enjoyed dinners at both listed above as well as Chez Shea and Eva. I'm looking for somewhere else to take her for her birthday. Ideas?



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  1. I find Cafe Juanita to be excellent, and not pretentious at all; good service, welcoming attitude and fine menu options, seasonal and well prepared.

    Same for Altura, but it is small so can feel crowded and a tad loud. Certainly not in the romance/ambiance of Chez Shea, or the nice light of Le Gourmand, but the food is great, and I have found service excellent, as well as the wine pairings.

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        Altura is where we are going for MY birthday <g>. Cafe Juanita is a good idea although my preference is in the city. My partner does not drink so wine pairings do not matter to her.

        Thanks for ideas

      2. Our favorite places are Cafe Juanita, Altura, and Bainbridge Marche. Marche is a quick ferry boat ride away and an easy walk from the terminal.