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Jun 23, 2013 09:01 PM

Local Blenheim apricots June/July 2013 - hurry before they are gone! Morgan Hill, Sunnyvale, Milpitas

Andy's Orchard in Morgan Hill said they ripened extremely early for 2013, best to order/pick-up in next couple of days before they are gone!
Sat, July 6 event: Late Cherries, Apricots plus other stone fruits. Special guest, author Robin Chapman, will be present for the booksigning of her new book "California Apricots, The Lost Orchards of Silicon Valley"

Local celebrity chef, Judy Keyes, will be preparing both sweet & savory dishes using Blenheim apricots.


CJ Olson's Cherries - has Blenheim apricots, said only available 1 month. 348 W. El Camino Real, Sunnyvale:

Milpitas has One last working apricot ranch, Silva Apricot Ranch. I haven't been yet, but Milpitas Historical Society is offered a FREE 5 stop tour one day only Sat 7/6/13 11:30 a.m. "Visit the Silva Apricot Ranch, 891 Piedmont Road. This is the last working apricot ranch in Milpitas, where Kelly Silva and his family have cared for this vintage farm for almost 60 years. They will show how their Blenheim apricots are cut, laid out on trays, and taken by rail carts to be dried." And you can buy some apricots after. I hope some hounds can go & report back!

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  1. This is exactly the kind of information I've been looking for. California produce! I'll be in San Francisco with spouse & teen for 2 weeks, arriving on July 1. Where do I buy ALL THE FRUIT?

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      Hopefully you've found your California produce by now, but if not, head to a local farmer's market. Not sure exactly where you're staying, but the Ferry building in San Francisco at the foot of Market Street has one of the best markets around on Saturday morning. There are others located throughout the bay area - just ask a local!

      IMHO, there is nothing better than an organic strawberry from a farmers market. Blueberries and stone fruit are right up there! Enjoy!

      1. re: mersidoe

        Thanks, mersidoe. I've been buying apricots at Bi-Rite the last couple of days, because it's nearby, & because I can't stop eating them. I'm planning to head to the Ferry building Saturday morning. Yum.

    2. Organic Blenheims today at Berkeley Bowl, $2.59 / pound. I picked the ripest ones form the bin and they did not disappoint -- apricot candy!

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      1. re: Joel

        Just got some organic Blenheims from the BB. Kind of disappointing. Not particularly fragrant. Perhaps it's past the season?

        1. re: Ridge

          The issue is probably that they're picked too early and firm in order to sell through retail store channel. Blenheims are particularly fragile and squooshy.

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            We went to the fruit tasting at Andy's Orchard yesterday. It was really interesting. One of the things Andy mentioned was that a lot of the Blenheims were damaged by the heat this year. He said that if they cots get too hot, they can actually "bake" from the pits out. So maybe it wasn't the best Blenheim year, but there are still some good ones to be found, probably depending on the area. Andy was all out in Morgan Hill, but I know they're still doing some picking in Hollister. I guess Mother Nature's going to keep us on our toes, no matter what. Meanwhile, I've made three batches of Blenheim apricot jam so far....