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Jun 23, 2013 08:38 PM

Sushi Tokiyoshi - Odawara

This review could be posted in one week, but that would be an offense to the 'on spot review' protocol. Even worse, I won't have any hesitation on posting this review of a sushi that will close at the end of June...
So, it was supposed to be a small event, but reaching there, it was actually a big one : regulars, family, babies were invited. Even at 15:00, clients were still waiting. The 'kai(shells)' were removed from their shells on passing order, he opened and cut, and tap (poor thing!hihi!!). So 'akagai' had the flagrance of sea and was so crunchy, so fresh, on a bit vinegar rice, all the shells were a culinary crime !! This is the beginning of summer, so the 'aji' was also a highlight on the menu, served a bit marinated, and also served simple raw. Many think Saba is in autumn, there are 2 seasons in fact. This one was one of the great shimesaba, half raw and kept that oily texture necessary in my opinion for saba, with a slightly roast flavor.. argh !! I thought I wouldn't have sushi for a week after that, but still, I will continue with Manten soon very soon..
For 5,000yens, the menu was :
Tai hibiki
Hirame konbu jime
Shime aji
Nama aji
Shime saba (half raw)
Shiro Ika
Supplement : Maguro zuke, chuutoro, torigai, shime aji for a total of 7,000yens.

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