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Dog Friendly in DC - not just outdoors?

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Does anyone know restaurants in the District or close-in NoVa that would welcome a small or medium sized dog indoors? It's usually fairly easy to take our pup out in the summer, but we'd love to be able to go somewhere with her and have her sit with us indoors.


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  1. I don't know of any. I do know that it's against health code to have animals indoors. An exception is made for service animals.

    1. You probably can find a number of places with outdoor tables that will allow you to bring a dog, but I can't think of a single restaurant that would allow it indoors. I'm pretty sure it's against the health code laws.

      1. Hi nmr,

        If DC is anything like Boston, your dog will be welcome in some retail stores (esp doggie boutiques) and at some outdoor seating places, but not inside unless (as LoosePanda says) it's a service animal---which is not a pet.

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