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Jun 23, 2013 06:48 PM

Suggestions for a place to lounge?

Looking for quiet place for two to lounge on a couch and sip on reasonably priced cocktails.

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  1. The Hawthorne has a few couches (and some comfy armchairs), and Eastern Standard has a couple of couches in the bar area. For quiet, you'd probably have to go Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, or late afternoon/very early evening.

      1. The bars of mid-level hotel restaurants, e.g., Nix's Mate, City Bar, Parker's, Clink.

        Some restaurants, usually but not always in their bars: back corner of Estragon, 6B, Church, No. 9 Park, back room of Oak Long Bar (where the Oak Room used to be), far end of the dining room at 28 Degrees, Sonsie's downstairs wine bar.

        Pricier, but still can be considered values in certain situations: high-end hotel bars like The Avery, The Reserve, M Bar, Bar at The Taj.

        That patios of certain restaurants, e.g., Eastern Standard, Minibar, Cuffs, Sam's at Louis Boston.

        Nightclub-like spaces, e.g., Storyville, Bond.

        1. The Liberty is a bit less reasonably priced, but their lobby as well as Alibi can be nice, depending on time of day and day of week.